Pikmin Bloom Halloween Event Quests


    The Halloween event for Pikmin Bloom is here, featuring decorative Halloween Pikmin, limited event skin postcards, and a ton of new costumes for your Mii character. However, players will need to earn Halloween candy by completing event quests in order to unlock those new Halloween costumes. Therefore, we will go over all the Pikmin Bloom Halloween challenges and their rewards.

    All the missions of the Halloween event in Pikmin Bloom

    The Pikmin Bloom Halloween event challenges are divided into four stages and players will get random rewards, including nectar, gold seedlings, Halloween candy, or other items after completing each stage. Furthermore, when the big flower in the center of the stage blooms, users are guaranteed to receive a golden seedling in addition to the random rewards.

    Level 1

    • Walk 1000 steps
    • Plant 700 flowers.
    • Collect 100 petals
    • Plant 1500 flowers/Destroy 2 mushrooms.

    Stage 2

    • Walk 2000 steps
    • Plant 500 gentians/Destroy 2 mushrooms.
    • Plant 2000 flowers/Destroy 3 mushrooms.
    • Plant 1500 gentians/Destroy 4 mushrooms.

    Stage 3

    • Collect 150 petals
    • Plant 1800 red cosmos/Destroy 3 mushrooms.
    • Plant 1800 yellow cosmos/Destroy 4 mushrooms.
    • Walk 3000 steps/ Plant 1800 white cosmos/ Destroy 4 mushrooms

    Stage 4

    • Collect 200 petals/Destroy 3 mushrooms.
    • Plant 2500 red gentians/Destroy 3 mushrooms.
    • Walk 3000 steps/ Plant 2500 white gentians/ Destroy 4 mushrooms
    • Plant 2000 cosmos/ Plant 2500 blue gentians/ Destroy 5 mushrooms

    During the event, normal-sized Halloween mushrooms will appear. When you destroy these mushrooms, you’ll receive mystery boxes containing items like decorative Jack-O’-Lantern Pikmin seedlings and Halloween candy, among others.

    Finally, the store will offer a selection of all-new Mii costumes this Halloween, along with costumes from last year, such as the witch costume and the tuxedo costume.

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