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    Lords of the Fallen was released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, but PC players have access to mods. As a PC gamer with little soul skills, my biggest hope was for an easy mode to be able to explore the world and discover its history. I’ve rounded up the best mods for Lords of the Fallen and listed them below.

    Top 5 Mods for Lords of the Fallen (PC)

    LOTF – Stuttering and Performance Fix

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    The stuttering and performance fix mod was created by xowny and improved performance on PC. Lords of the Fallen received many negative reviews due to its performance and problems; This mod is one way to fix it. If you prefer not to use mods, we also have some suggestions on how to fix PC stuttering.

    Beautiful Butterflies Charging Replacement

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    Butterflies play an important role in Lords of the Fallen; They point out secrets, points where you must enter Threshold and more. With the beautiful butterflies mod by t1lve you can improve their visual appearance. It may be a small cosmetic tweak, but I enjoy the lovely colors as a relief from the drab, dark game world.

    LightWalker Shadow Change

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    Lords of the Fallen is a beautiful game with stunning environments and terrifying enemies, but it feels a bit washed out and boring. The remodeling mod 1stCobraKai Strike Add HDR, curves, bloom, and levels to give more freedom and control over the look and feel of the game. The result seems improved and achieves a balance between darkness and light.

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    Sharpening Removal

    Image via Nexus Mods

    Elimination of sharpening Eggo’s mod improves the visual aspects of the game by reducing excess sharpening. Lords of the Fallen has beautiful environments and settings, so it’s important to me to make the most of them. Exploring the world and seeing distant objects and locations throughout my playthrough was a highlight of the game.

    Playstation icons

    Image via Nexus Mods

    Maybe a minor inconvenience, but it bothered me to see Xbox inputs when using my PS5 controller for Lords of the Fallen. Steam seems to come and go sometimes if it detects the controller type, but momenaya PlayStation icons mod ensures that the appropriate buttons are displayed. I no longer have to worry about which buttons will be visible while playing, which is nice considering I have to focus on enough as it is.

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