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    While Pikmin is known for its single player campaign, Pikmin 4 greatly expands the multiplayer options. This includes a cooperative mode for the campaign and a new multiplayer mode, Dandori Battle. I was drawn to Dandori Battle after only a few rounds and started testing my strategic skill on it. If you’re feeling a little scared of diving into this mode, I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you out.

    How to play Dandori Battle in Pikmin 4

    Dandori Battle is a chaotic but exciting multiplayer game in Pikmin 4. It can be played against the CPU or with other players. There are a variety of stages, each with different layouts and objectives. You can customize the various settings listed below in Dandori Battle in Pikmin 4. You can even choose between your custom character or one you’ve unlocked in story mode.

    • player settings
      • P1 vs. CPU
      • P1 vs. P2
      • P1 and P2 vs. CPU
    • battle setup
      • Pikmin type
      • additional findings
      • mystery capsules
      • stealth bombs
    • Difficulty
      • very sweet
      • a little sweet
      • Normal
      • a little spicy
      • ultraspicy

    Tips and Tricks for Dandori Battle in Pikmin 4

    Dandori Battle is a competitive multiplayer mode. The goal is to collect items around the map and bring them back to your Onion. The team with the most points at the end will be the winner. While this sounds simple, there is actually a lot more going on in Dandori Battles than meets the eye. Here are some tips and tricks to help you learn Dandori Battle in Pikmin 4.

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    Manage your Pikmin and Oatchi

    There are two components to successfully winning the Dandori Battle, and these are your Pikmin and Oatchi. Keeping track of where your Pikmin are and how many you have is crucial. While it can be tempting to spread out and collect as many resources as you can, I recommend saving some for defense.

    The same goes for Oatchi. Oatchi can be used as a mount or to collect and attack. I recommend focusing first on grabbing nuggets, fruit, and defeating the enemies around your base. From here, you can move into the middle territory and contest the prizes there.

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    Sabotage your opponent

    Sometimes it’s better to send Pikmin to annoy your opponent. This is especially true when Sneak Bombs appear. Send your Pikmin to deliver this explosive to your opponent’s base, then claim the drops to increase your Pikmin’s speed.

    You should also keep an eye out for stray Pikmin carrying items for your opponent. You can use this opportunity to use your own Pikmin and steal them. Another option is to attack your Oatchi and leave it without this partner.

    don’t get overwhelmed

    The first time I played Dandori Battle, I was quickly overwhelmed and ran around like a headless chicken. I recommend playing the trial stage until you get the hang of controlling multiple groups of Pikmin and concentrating on multiple tasks at the same time. Don’t feel any rush to clear each stage.

    That said, it’s best to formulate a plan for each stage ahead of time, although some goals may remain the same. I usually focus on clearing nearby targets, then head into the middle and harass my opponent. Keep an eye out for double point opportunities and always be ready to attack or defend against a stealth bomb.

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