Does Pikmin 4 have online multiplayer?



    Pikmin 4 expands the Pikmin universe and offers a new adventure with new characters, enemies and Pikmin types to explore. A recurring feature that I am excited about is the inclusion of multiplayer elements, including in the story and in Dandori Battle. However, this left me wondering if there was online multiplayer in Pikmin 4.

    Is Pikmin 4 online multiplayer?

    Pikmin 4 is not an online game and does not have online multiplayer. Since no other Pikmin game has offered online multiplayer, this should have been expected. This means that you cannot play Pikmin 4 with another player unless you are on the same Nintendo Switch console. This is true for both the story mode and the Dandori Battle mode. But this does not mean that you cannot play in cooperative mode.

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    Is Pikmin 4 cooperative multiplayer?

    While Pikmin 4 doesn’t have online multiplayer, it does multiplayer via local co-op. This allows you to play story mode and Dandori Battle mode with other players. Unfortunately, the co-op in story mode is a downgraded version of Pikmin 3, giving player 2 fewer options. This definitely holds back some of the co-op for Pikmin 4, but Dandori Battle is a step in the right direction.

    In Dandori Battle, players can play against each other or as a team against the CPU. This keeps things fresh in multiplayer and can allow you to work with your friends or put aside your differences to hit the CPU. You can also take on the AI ​​in Dandori Battle if you need some practice. Feel free to check out our guide on Dandori Battle if you need some tips.

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