Pikmin 4 All Bosses, Listed



    I’ve always loved the Pikmin series because of its equal parts cute and strategic gameplay, and Pikmin 4 continues that tradition. One of my favorite aspects of the game is discovering the various creatures, especially the bosses. Pikmin 4 is packed with bosses and I can’t wait to take them down. With that being said, you might be curious as to what bosses are in Pikmin 4.

    Where to find all the bosses in Pikmin 4

    There are 19 bosses to discover and fight in Pikmin 4. These are challenging enemies, but a great source of Sparklium. Each boss in Pikmin 4 requires a different strategy, but with skill and the right tactics, you can overcome any challenge. I have listed all the bosses in Pikmin 4 below.

    Note: The list is a work in progress and will be updated.

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    Name Location sparkling Weight
    ancient sirehound A stranger
    arctic cannon beetle 30
    digging grapple flourishing arcadia fifteen fifteen
    crusted rump twenty
    Empress Bulblax beast kingdom twenty twenty
    Emperor Bulblax beast kingdom fifteen fifteen
    foolix secluded patio twenty 5
    giant bread bug fifteen 12
    Gildemander twenty twenty
    wonderful long legs A stranger
    Horned Cannon Beetle twenty 30
    legs man A stranger
    masterhop fifteen fifteen
    porquillón heroes hideout 12 12
    smoked program A stranger
    snowflake tail twenty fifteen
    sovereign bulblax twenty 30
    sow titan fifteen fifteen
    water spectrum A stranger

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