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    In the A Universal Time Roblox experience, everything revolves around supports. In a nutshell, stands are units that get close to your character and attack enemies. Some supports are very strong but also hard to find, and one of them is Planet // Shaper aka P//S. Here’s how to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time (AUT).

    How to get Planet Shaper support in A Universal Time (AUT)

    There are two ways to get the rare Planet Shaper stand in AUT. One is easy but you will have to be very lucky, while the other is difficult but will get the job done. Choose your path to the Planet Shaper booth:

    Use the crystallized support to get Planet Shaper in AUT

    The easiest way to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time is to use a Crystallized stand in Meteorites. For this to work, first use the foot arrow until you randomly get the Crystallized stand. What you have to do is summon a crystallized support and interact with a meteorite. As you do this, you have a 1% chance to get Planet Shaper. If that chance seems small, there is another, safer way to solve the DELTA Cultist quest.

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    Complete the DELTA Cultist mission to get Planet Sharper in AUT

    The safest bet to acquire Planet Sharper is to complete the DELTA Cultist mission in A Universal Time. Follow these instructions to get one of the best stands in A Universal Time:

    1. Talk to DELTA Cultist at the train station in Delta Base to get a quest.
    2. Talk to Captain DELTA to receive the Astral Key.
    3. Astra Chest appears every 30 minutes with a 30% chance in three locations: the Delta Base, the Beach and the City. The best way to find it is to visit all three areas every 30 minutes.
    4. Use an astral key to open the Astral Chest.
    5. Inside the Astral Chest, you will find a Delta Tome. Reading the Delta Tome will start the DELTA mission.
    6. To complete the DELTA mission, you must find 15 fragments of Planet Shaper. You will find five in the Mountain, another five in the City and five more in the Forest. Use a crystallized support to detect fragments.
    7. Return to DELTA Cultist to complete the search and receive planet shaper.

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