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    Phasmophobia is one of the best ghost-hunting games I’ve played, and it has the potential to be even better! That’s because there are always new updates and general discussions within the community. However, approaching a game like Phasmophobia was intimidating for me as a new player. I didn’t know much about rules, ghosts, and what to do in general (except to get scared, I managed that successfully). Finding Phasmophobia Trello and Discord links helped me understand what’s going on, as will you.

    What are the Trello and Discord links for Phasmophobia

    What is Phasmophobia Trello Link?

    The Phasmohobia Trello is the game’s Trello, where you can learn more about the game’s development process. It includes information such as roadmaps and updates. Each card contains notes about levels, equipment, and more to tell you exactly what to expect. This includes whether or not it’s live and available for you to experience.

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    What is Phasmophobia Discord Link?

    The Phasmophobia Discord Server is a little more involved, as there are channels built specifically for conversations and even to find groups if you’re short on players. There are also channels tailored to development, tech support, and feedback in case you’d like more direct contact if you happen to be experiencing any issues. The best part is that you can relax and chat with other players who are fans of the game and exchange screenshots and information within a moderated and safe community.

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