Phasmophobia Halloween Event Spawns Potions Game While Delaying Console Release


    Phasmophobia developers Kinetic Games recently shared a Steam Developer Update addressing concerns about the console launch and announcing the Halloween event. The console launch was originally planned to come out in conjunction with the Halloween event, but not anymore..

    In the update, the developers expressed their gratitude to the players and said: “While we are still trying to adapt to our new remote work life after the fire and set up a new office, we have encountered unforeseen challenges in adapting the game to consoles.”

    This means that Phasmophobia currently has no fixed release date for consoles, but Kinetic Games reassured players by saying: “When Phasmophobia hits consoles, it will be worth the wait.”

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    Image via Kinetic Games

    The good news is that the new The Halloween event will launch around October 26.. This update completely changes the map of the Maple Lodge campground, where there will be a cauldron for the new position brewing event.

    To play this event, you will need to find several recipe cards in various locations. Once you collect them, return to the Maple Lodge camp and prepare your potions. This event reward you with a new ID card and a new trophy for your collection.

    Besides, map of the Maple Lodge campsite will have a new reception area and a redesigned exterior to fix some common map errors. There will also be some new hiding places so you can easily complete the hunt.

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