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    Peroxide is a Roblox experience I find myself playing a lot lately, thanks to the many elements it draws from my favorite anime, Bleach. Shinigami are also present in the game, and to defeat Rogue Soul Reapers, you will have to seek out Rogue Shinigami first, which can be a challenge in itself. If you need help finding them, this guide will help you out!

    Where to find Rogue Shinigami in Peroxide

    There are two Rogue Shinigami locations in Peroxide, and you can find both of them by traveling to the Soul Society. They’re an integral part of fighting Soul Reapers, but defeating Shinigami can also be difficult, so be sure to level up enough before embarking on this adventure. You can seek both of them out in the following order.

    First Rogue Shinigami location in Soul Society in Peroxide

    To find the location of the first Rogue Shinigami in Peroxide, travel to Soul Society.

    • Once you spawn, make a 180-degree turn.
    •  Follow the trail past the houses, and you should come upon a ramp on your right. Walk up the ramp and keep following the trail.
    • You will find yourself in the woods. You will be able to find Shinigami roaming around the forest.

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    Second Rogue Shinigami location in Soul Society in Peroxide

    To find the second Rogue Shinigami location in Soul Society in Peroxide, follow the steps below:

    • Once at the spawn point, head left.
    • Walk past the village until you see a passageway to your right.
    • Follow the pathway until you see a group of several buildings. They will frequently spawn in this area.

    Keep in mind that you may not encounter the Rogue Shinigami right away once you reach the spawning areas. It takes some time for them to spawn once you enter either of those zones, so stick around for some time until you start seeing them.

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