Can you buy a house in Starfield?


    Purchasing property has been a mainstay of many Bethesda RPGs, with many players wondering whether you’ll be able to buy houses in Starfield.

    With over 1,000 planets to find in the game, you’d hope that you’d be able to settle down on at least one of them. In addition, it would make sense to have a place for you and one of the 20 companions you can partner up with the rest after a long day of space-walking.

    Keep reading to find out if it will be possible to buy a house in Starfield?

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    Can you purchase a house in Starfield?

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    Screenshot via Bethesda Softworks’ YouTube channel

    In this expansive sci-fi RPG, you can indeed buy a house. Starfield lets you acquire a home in various major cities in the game.

    “There’s housing in different cities that the player can get,” said lead quest designer Will Shen in a Discord Q&A (via Game8). “[There are] some you have to purchase and some are rewards for specific quests.”

    It may work similarly to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which you can host a family within its walls. It may even be possible to adopt children into the home, just like the fantasy RPG. 

    It might be a shame for some that you can’t build your own home in the middle of nowhere on an unknown planet. Building a settlement may have been a good feature in Starfield for those who enjoyed Bethesda’s other RPG Fallout 4.

    Can you build bases in Starfield?

    You can actually build bases wherever in Starfield's galaxy.

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    Screenshot via Bethesda Softwork’s YouTube channel

    Despite missing out on settlement building, you can actually build a base. According to GamesRadar, you can host multiple wherever in the universe. NPCs and your companions can be based in these areas. They can produce resources for you as you build the base to your liking. Extractors are utilized to get these resources. 

    There are different resources you can gain depending on the planet you place the base, so choose wisely. Unfortunately, those who have a PS5 won’t be able to experience building their own sci-fi bases in Starfield.

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