Performance mode replaced the point of video game consoles Readers Feature, which was ruined by a game console



    Is there something that is so big enough to decide?

    A reader is annoyed by game modes and argues that their use undermines the key benefits of having a console.

    Choice isn’t always a good thing. There isn’t anything on technology. Nowadays, the marketing and social media stuff are about pretending to possess something that you want, and resentmenting enlightenment with a place which doesn’t have the same purpose as you, even when companies know it’s a matter of fear. To be a general opinion, a choice of course is what everybody wants but sometimes, its harder to find.

    One’s always wanted to switch to one’s own. Each console is the same, at least until the last generation. It plays exactly the same games; as you always know, you should get the best possible performance of the console, or at least of the developer.

    You shouldn’t worry about graphical card settings, controller compatibility or resolution of the game. If you want to spend two hours getting a game to play before you play, then you can make a game. But for me, the beauty of consoles is you start the game and then that is it, and you sincerely want to play again. Don’t worry about any hard-hitting hardware. That’s how it used to work.

    The PS4 Pro and the Xbox X series are what started all. Suddenly, halfway through the current generation, there appeared two new consoles that promised more power, but were still vague about what the meaning actually meant. The book on 4K resolution was too much to talk about, however, despite the fact that it was not at all technical standards every gamers had always wanted.

    Suddenly you had to make choices about whether to start a game. You couldn’t just have both. The game was made with the one mode and with the hardware at hand, to run the best possible way. The developers instead resorted to their optimisation attempts and moved the problem to the player. This is because it’s too high resolution. If the game doesn’t run smoothly, it’s because you made wrong choices.

    This situation has made it worse in the old generation, where games have suddenly become complete with five or more modes, prioritising a range of contraceptive choices, primarily 30 or 60fps frame rates, but also things like ray-tracing and 120 or 120. However, this decision does not matter to them, because it is not difficult to decide a game that looks or plays much. You can’t have both of them.

    There is rarely a single choice, the whole thing must be one extreme, and it’s just sick of it. I don’t want to have to make the best choice for a game when it’s time to play. I don’t want the difficult choices about optimism to be made upon me.

    I don’t know who you are playing as much as you think about that. Since multiplayer games would have been very easy to play for a PC game with vastly more powerful machine, mouse, keyboard, and cheats on hand.

    I’m too sick for choice. Especially because its never the one I want. I want the choice not to play with PC owners or computer users – but not that ones who are illegal. If that’s true, I’m afraid they’ll abandon the choice of performance mode to everybody. If you want to stick around with the settings all day long, get a PC, but you want to play the game instantly without being nervous about the fact that you have picked the wrong mode of play, you should be able to. That choice isn’t available anymore.

    Imagine how much worse it will be next generation, or even just with the PS5 Pro. From time to time, we take decision-sharing actions while providing a console to everyone. The worse thing is that I don’t understand for sure whether Sony and Microsoft will realise that they can’t stop the whole point and purpose of consoles and I really wish I had a choice to stop them.

    In his book the hypocrite.

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