GTA Online Update may include Characters’ Unexpected Return in GTA 6


    The new GTA Online Drug Wars update may not be able to mention the potential potential for a character who returns for GTA 6 when looking at the new version of GTA online drugs games. If that’s true, that will be a rather unexpected return. In GTA 5 there are three protagonists: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. In some cases, this character can return to the next Grand Theft Auto game, but it isn’t common for GTA games to bring back past characters from previous games. However, there’s a word from Rockstar Games about the recent update that might just hint that one of these characters will return in the future.

    “Ron Jakowski is so paranoid that friends say that he sprang his bucket hat out with aluminum foil, but Nervous Ron is to blame this time. As soon as Trevor has gone, he has discovered the seedy psychedelic underworld of the Fooliganz, which rocks Star Games as a new addition.

    Obviously, the important thing here is the mention of the dead of Trevor, or more specifically the part of this person’s disappearance. This would be news for players and questions: where has she gone? It looks strange that this will be a stop. Why don’t you mention Trevor here at all, not just being gone? That could be background lore or Rockstar Games subtly explaining why Trevor wasn’t in the update, but these explanations aren’t particularly convincing.

    Unfortunately, for now, we have only speculative content. Steven Ogg, the actor behind Trevor, is less involved in the GTA than his counterparts who play Franklin and Michael. That former was really in GTA Online content. Of the three, you’d assume that Trevor would be the least likely to appear in GTA 6 in any meaningful way, yet he’s the one he just said in a book about the new update, but he’s the one who only mentioned this when asked how he wrote about it.

    Take all of this speculation lightly as salt. Please post a comment or two while we’ll talk to us. Do you think there’s something to that speculation? Would you like to see Trevor come back in GTA 6?


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