Perfect Research Bonus in Phasmophobia, Explained


    Phasmophobia is an online psychological horror game where you play a group of paranormal investigators looking for evidence of the supernatural (and you survive to tell the tale). Every time you investigate, the game rewards you with money that corresponds to the tasks you have completed. Perfect Research Bonus It is one of them. But what is the Perfect Research Bonus and how do you, or did you, achieve it?

    What is the perfect research bonus in Phasmophobia?

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    Perfect Investigation Bonus is a reward you get by doing the following:

    1. Completing all the objectives.
    2. Correctly identify the ghost.
    3. Picking up the bone.
    4. Fill all the spaces in your diary with photos of three stars.

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    However, the above task list is only for a Perfect Investigation cousin. If you want to complete a truly perfect game, which can reward you $2500 or more on higher difficulties, you’ll have to work harder.

    How to get a perfect game in Phasmophobia

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    For a perfect Phasmophobia run and get the most rewards possible, you need to do the following:

    1. Complete all objectives.
    2. Identify the ghost.
    3. Pick up the bone.
    4. Take a three-star photo of: Bone, Ghost, burnt crucifix (up to 4x), and dirty water (up to 4x).

    The journal must be filled with ten unique photos. So if you can get more unique photos of Dirty Waters, then you don’t have to take four burnt crucifixes. For example, Sunny Meadows has a ton of sinks. By the way, the value ratings don’t matter if you’re looking for the maximum payout, only the stars!

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