Is Minecraft Legends any good? – Review summary



    Minecraft Legends is a new spin-off of the popular survival franchise. Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy real-time strategy game where you lead an army through the overworld of Minecraft to defeat the Piglins. Minecraft Legends, like Minecraft Dungeons, differs drastically from the main title; those interested in the title may be wondering how Minecraft Legends reviews stack up.

    What is the Minecraft Legends Metacritic and Opencritic score?

    Minecraft Legends has scored 72 in Metacritic and 73 in open criticism. Here are some other Minecraft Legends reviews.

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    RTS games are rare in today’s gaming landscape, and the Minecraft spin-off has Mixed reviews in all fields. Positive reviews often comment on the game’s accessibility for a typically complex genre and varied content due to the random generation of each world. By comparison, mixed reviews bring up the game’s lack of deep strategy mechanics and AI. Most reviews agree that Minecraft Legends is fun to play in single player or multiplayer settings.

    For more information on Minecraft Legends, see Is Minecraft Legends free? and the developers describe the key differences between Minecraft and Minecraft Legends in MyFullGames.



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