Payday 3 Announced First Teaser, Steam Page Launched



    A successor to the very popular Payday 2 is in development. Developer Starbreeze Studios has teamed up with the publisher of Plaion’s Prime Matter label. Finally, there’s more detailed information about Payday 3, because the co-op shooter has a Steam page that also reveals the time stamp. The game was freed a first teaser.

    New teaser for Payday 3:00.

    A New Criminal Dawn is the name of the newly released first teaser, Payday 3. The Starbreeze studio has released a new teaser. The subsidiary company Overkill software is still responsible behind the scenes. We observe that in this light the New Year is an explosion of fireworks reflected in the skyline and on the shadowy figures watch. The fact that Payday 3 will be in New York is one of the few things we already know about the latest installment of the TV series, which the Steam page says will be due out later this year. Time is unknown, but at least fans of the Payday series are eager to raid in 2023.

    00:24Prettyday: First teaser trailer for the co-op shooter release, slashed on 00:24.

    The payday crew is reunited.

    How is it known that the original four members of the Payday gang Dallas, Chains, Wolf and Hoxton will be back from the second half after Hoxton was briefly replaced in Payday 2 by his brother Houston? While gangs are out of the early period of war in Washington DC, reunited them, confronting the threat, which threatened them to exit the early retirement, reads the games-webpage.

    New York is an impressive, huge and vibrant city.

    During a long 1920s 10th anniversary stream, Overkill explained that Payday 3s New York would be huge and alive with locations that change much once the alarm was turned off and the gunfight started. At times like this, cryptocurrencies and tech giants will also play a key role in the storyline.

    Many PC games also attract readers who read bookshelf.

    Payday 3: Release in 2023, maybe with Unreal Eingine 5?

    According to the Reddit AMA, the new Payday 3 will be the first in 2023 and the unreal engine 5 may be the main driver.

    Payday three: Developers reveal new details about the title.

    As part of Koch Medias E3 stream, I look at the co-op shooter Payday 3.

    While the contract between Starbreeze and Prime Matter has been discussed, it’s said that the contract will help the player for eight months after the games release. This is not surprising given that the steady supply of DLC for Payday 2 has created a 1 million-strong community on Steam. There will certainly be attempts to replicate this success with Payday 3.




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