Overwatch 2 cooks the Gingerbread Bastion skin for the Winter Wonderland and finds a way to give a Christmas gift overpriced



    The Winter Wonderland event hitting its second week in Overwatch 2 just days before Christmas, and Blizzard are offering a nice Christmas gift to all players wanting a new skin. The gift is a new Legendary skin called Gingerbread. It turns him and Ganymede into expected gingerbread abominations and throws a hat on Bastion. This gift isn’t free, but you will need to pay a $200 Coin for the Xbox One store.

    Although no one will give off a Legendary tiered skin essentially for nothing, some of the Overwatch community quickly decided to explain how even free skins are in Overwatch 2. Some people are just relieved to see that the game offers its players something.

    Final, a proper pricewatch 2 skin lmaoooooo pic.twitter.com/cBEu3YILfh?

    Stylosa (-Stylosa) December 20, 2022

    Blizzard realized we broke all this year after we bought over priced skins. You decided to sell this Bastion Skin for this single-collar.com/CZEBBMiI8o.

    BRO YOU WACK (@BroYouWack) December 20, 2022

    Blizzard has a lot of criticism of its in-game store every week for its prices, whether for holiday or for random bundles of packages. In many cases, a Legendary skin can be worth just 20 bucks. Added new skin, the aging skin was a recurring problem, too.

    With the Winter Wonderland event, it seems a little obvious that Blizzard are slowly making a few changes. The Halloween Terror event was held at the end of October so that no shirts or skins were free or very limited to a price of 50%, but the skins have not been given away as well. In the first Overwatch, players received many loot boxes for playing the game that often gave them an excellent chance to get started with new skins. Since Overwatch 2 has no loot boxes and most skins are locked entirely behind the shop, you have to pay for those items.

    Hopefully, Blizzard can continue to tweak the experience during these events and meet a happy middle where players still feel compelled to pay for some skins, but don’t feel ripped off or like the rest of the match is unrewarding.



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