Does dexterity increase attack speed in Elden Ring?



    Finding out specific stats for your build in Elden Ring can be a bit daunting if you’re a newcomer to the Souls genre. We’ll help you figure out exactly what Dexterity can do for your build, and whether it can boost those crucial moments of attack speed when you’re engaging enemies.

    How does Dexterity affect my attack speed?

    A lot of people have wasted stat points in the game putting points into stats they don’t understand correctly. Dexterity is one of those stats. This stat point is mostly used for specific builds like the blood samurai build or the faith warrior build. Weapon and melee based builds do not rely on Dexterity to become faster. Melee weapons have fixed speed attributes based on the size of the weapon or the attack animations. The Dexterity stat does not increase your attack speed when it comes to ranged weapons like bows and crossbows, and it also does not increase your speed with melee weapons.

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    What increases Dexterity?

    The Dexterity stat shows an increase in speed when casting specific spells. Not all spells will increase in speed, but many of these spells can be used with the correct stats increased along with Dexterity, such as Faith, Intelligence, and Arcane. Make sure to focus more on other stats when you’re doing your build, and Dexterity will help you amplify those stats. Don’t just focus on Dexterity because it doesn’t have attack speed. Instead, focus on wielding a smaller weapon or by casting magic for faster attack speed.

    Dexterity helps with non-combat traits

    Dexterity may not help with your attack speed, but there are other things it can help you with when you’re not in combat. Can make it harder for enemies knock you out torrent and reduce his fall damage by a small amount. If you plan on engaging enemies while mounted on Torrent, you should put a generous amount of stats into Dexterity, as this will come in handy in Lands Between.

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