Overwatch 2 Adds Another Currency in Season 10 and Players Are Feeling Overwhelmed


    There are already several currencies in Overwatch 2 that are obtained in different ways and used for different in-game purchases. However, developer Blizzard decided to confuse everyone with a new one, Mythic Prisms, in Season 10.

    To clarify, Mythic Prisms are the newest currency in Overwatch 2 used to purchase Mythic skins in the store. Previously, you could only get specific skins when they were a reward in the current Battle Pass. I see this as a positive change, as this means you can instead purchase any mythic skin offered in the OW store. You have more freedom and more options to choose from.

    However, this is now the seventh currency in Overwatch 2. As Redditor u/SettingRegular4289 said: “We now have Legacy Credits, Gold Points, Emerald Points, Overwatch League Points, and Prims. “There are so many different types of currency in the game.”

    Meanwhile, Bobbie_Sandtets said, “It’s like a mobile game,” and ZenkaiZ echoed this sentiment by sarcastically saying “it only takes about 6 more coins to be an average mobile game.” While I think two or three coins could be fine, the current situation only serves to confuse players and having to find information about each of them is like a treasure hunt. This entire process is very unintuitive, especially for new or returning players. like me from the Overwatch 1 days.

    The confusion gets even worse with Mythic Prisms, which you can get in two ways, but only the more expensive way is linked in the Hero menu. You have to already know what you are doing if you want to avoid paying more for something you can get differently.

    How to get mythical prisms in Overwatch 2

    The easiest and cheapest way to get Mythic Prisms in Overwatch 2 is through the Premium Battle Pass. You can purchase a Premium upgrade for $10 and you’ll get a total of 80 Mythic Prisms if you complete a single Battle Pass. This means you’ll have enough for one skin, which is 50, as well as leftovers for when the next season pass arrives.

    However, if you don’t want to wait that long until you can get multiple skins, you can also purchase the Prisms with real-life money. There are two ways to do it.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

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    You can click on all the coins in the top right corner, or you can go to a specific character’s mythic skin and click the Unlock button. Both will take you to the same purchase menu, where you’ll have three different Mythic Prism packs to choose from.

    • 10 Mythical Prisms – $9.99
    • 40 (+10) Mythic Prisms – $39.99
    • 75 (+25) Mythic Prisms – $79.99

    Once you complete the purchase, you will be able to unlock the skin you want in the Store and then join the queue to show it off. However, if you’re patient, I’d wait and complete the battle pass. It’s worth noting that the game doesn’t show you the prices until the last step of purchasing, and there may be a reason for that: they’re not cheap. Especially when you consider what you can buy with them (only two masks with the most expensive package).

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