Outbacks become more often than fresh CS:GO blood after ditching n0rb3r7 just two months after IEM Rio Major victory


    Recently lifting the Rio Major trophy, Outsiders removed David n0rb3r7 Danielyan from their counter-strength roster and will replace him with young gun Aleksandr KaiR0N- Anashkin.

    The 18-year-old sported the Aurora jersey prior to going to the major tournament winning team. KaiR0N will take on n0rb3r7s positions after the squad lost to both the finalists Team Liquid and G2 Esports in the BLAST Premier World Final.

    While KaiR0N is relatively fresh, he is still playing for Team Spirit. His only defeats had a roster without an IGL, and Viktor sdy Orudzhev joined the squad as a stand-in.

    The list of Dzhami Jame Alis was chopped and changed more than once last year, due to a move from Liquid-based former star Mareks YEKINDAR Galinskis to the Liquid city, and a buster Tulepov was benched for the foreseeable future.

    N0rb3r7 emerged alongside Bolyshev, an ex-outsider, and replaced the two ex-equipes members. Despite the huge impact of the competition and the amazing statistics at the IEM RDA, Fame had been a welcome addition to the roster, ensuring their rank grew based on the frags and huge statistics at the U.S. international major 2022, and aided them to take home the 50,000.

    A new player from the CS:GO team @KaiR0NN Sasha is going to play in the coming competition (who also plays with the team) in @n0rb3r7.

    Virtuspro (@virtuspro) February 8, 2023

    According to a statement made by Virtus Pro, n0rb3r7 is not part of the team, but has a lot of power from its predecessor to his predecessor.

    Have you heard the same thing? KaiR0N was linked to BetBoom team Boombl4 and that’s supposed to be creating, but it seems that the chance to join the Major champions was too good for us to pass up. But Jame is a big fan of KaiR0N. He named him twice as his bold prediction. https://t.co/RdK68qtn1Q

    Luis Másos (@lu-másosi) October 5, 2023 2023.

    Outsiders were hit by the world if they were placing their tournament finalists. The squad arguably overperformed at the Rio Major 2022 of the IEM, the majority of other tournaments resulted in an elimination before the playoffs.

    The outsider roster finished with a high exit in IEM Cologne 2022 with a 13-16th place earlier in the year, with events like this one of the greatest showings of the year, with the team placing 5th and 8th with FaZe, MOUZ and NAVI.

    This move may help outsiders to emulate old times in new year’s time.


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