Best Name Ideas for Wanderer/Scaramouche in Genshin Impact


    In Akasha Pulses, Archon Kapla Flame Rises’ quest, we finally get a closer look at Scaramouche’s motives and origins. After being defeated by the Traveler and losing his Gnosis, Scaramouche is forced to look his treacherous past in the eye. Abandoning his life of evil, Scaramouche adopts a new identity of transparency and regret. As part of this declaration, he asks the Traveler for a new name, which the player can enter through his keyboard. Here are the best name ideas for Wanderer.

    Wanderer/Scaramouche Name Ideas in Genshin Impact


    Although Scaramouche’s name has its roots in Commedia dell’arte character archetypes, his name also reminds fans of Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” One particular lyric in this song, which reads: “Scaramouche, Scaramouche, do you want to do the fandango?”, makes Genshin Impact players chuckle. These lyrics inspired dozens of memes among the community, such as animations of the Traveler asking Scaramouche to do the Spanish folk dance. This name is sure to make you smile when it appears unexpectedly in a dialogue.

    A comically normal name.

    The trend of naming your pet with a common name never fails to make us laugh. The world needs more cats named Kevin, dogs named Jennifer, and invertebrates named Crunchwrap Supreme. There’s something funny about the sheer normality of these names in the fantasy world of Genshin Impact. Instead of searching for a symbolic name in a different language, try naming Wanderer Robert or perhaps Kyle.

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    This name means “storm” in Japanese, referencing both Scaramouche’s Anemo vision and his lightning powers as a Balladeer. Though Scaramouche swept through his surroundings like a storm, as a Wanderer, he seeks to make amends by clearing away the rubble and helping to rebuild. The name Arashi pays homage to his horrifying past, but it also inspires hope, as storms are always followed by a calm wind.

    Baby girl

    The Scaramouche simps are at it again, coming up with creative names for their beloved boy. A significant portion of the community chose affectionate nicknames for the new Wanderer identity, though we can’t blame them. Seeing a name like “girl” or “husband” appear on the screen during a serious moment is golden comedy. If you’re looking for a bit of a laugh during Genshin story missions, try naming Wanderer Senpai or Handsome.

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