OpTic Texas signed a massive deal that isn’t worth his attention to


    For a while, OpTic fans was left reeling from the news that Dashy would be dropped from the OpTic Texas program. This revelation quickly brought out a lullaby of rumors, rumors, and assumptions that went into existence. Every insider claimed they knew where Dashy would go and who would take him. Though the top for OpTic spot seemed to be Pred, Texas closed down that potential, instead opting for the sign of Huke, pulling him across from Los Angeles’ Guerrillas.

    Having done that for some time, there has been little bad blood in OpTic Texas. For those in the know, it is surprising that Dashy was withdrawn from the squad, due to his apparent fear of a practice for the team when needed, then decided to spend much time playing VALORANT instead. It sounded like Arcitys might take the role. As soon as Pred took the pole, but finally, Huke secured the spot.

    XEO Reunited

    With Huke currently in the starting lineup for OpTic Texas, XEO is officially reunited. When the Empire of Dallas triumphed, the XEO trio iLLeY, Shotzzy, and Huke were instrumental in the teams success. It’s been a long time to get back there, but the trio will now be reunited from major II. Is it a world championship-winning ensemble? Hopefully, those three competitors can deliver what they did in 2020?

    For many fans, the right choice for filling Dashys vacancy would’ve been Seattle Surges Pred. Pred entered the league last year as a rookie, sweeping the competition, and dominating all-comers, obtaining a Major chip, and defending all-time award for his performance. He’s already proved to be a world-class player. He’s the first competitor in the League to come from Oceania.

    As we say, in Preds’s own words: “Surp, this is what happens in the head.”

    Let’s just say, every effort ever made about it was attempted. It was only impossible. Did nothing we could.

    The player was speaking on the deal, the amount it reportedly would be an infuriable buyout, with OpTic Texas offering an eye-watering sum to the young player. Despite the fact that the deal wasn’t supposed to happen, Pred will still remain with Seattle Surge. It’s not a bad thing, though Under Surges banner, Pred proved to be a game changer, working together with a lot of hysteria, and a lot of a fantastic season.

    On the 13th of January, Major II Qualifying Stage begins, and so you can see how Huke is improving he has his OpTic Texas squad.


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