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    Omniheroes is one of those casual mobile role-playing games that put you in a position of a savior called Omniguardian. I can’t say the story blew me away, but that’s not why I’m playing these games. It’s all about combat and acquiring the best heroes. That’s often challenging as this RPG has gacha elements. Because of that, I created an Omniheroes tier list with all characters ranked so I can focus on the best ones more easily.

    All Characters in Omniheroes, Ranked

    There are five hero factions in Omniheroes: Divine, Demon, Empire, Eclipse, and Woodland. To simplify things, there are four classes: Tank, Support, Mage, and Warrior. You need them all in your party, so choose wisely, like you were choosing the best heroes in Eternal Evolution.

    Tier Characters
    S Baal, Bastet, Dorabella, Eluler, Mastema, Nyx, Persephone, Salleine, Solomon, Victoria
    A Atropos, Athena, Brutus, Björn, Carola, Doris, Ellie, Emily, Lily & Lia, Merlin, Merida, Medusa, Osse, Stannard, Talanis, Talos
    B Aiushtha, Atalanta, Catrina, Dullahan, Elune, Franz, Percival, Macaria, Minotaur, Marina, Karnak, Lachesis, Sylvan, Themis
    C Albert, Arkdina, Bojji, Clotho, Diana, Guinn, Hallios, Yasuke

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    Best Ranked Characters in Omniheroes

    Best Tank Characters in Omniheroes


    Solomon is a tank character from the Eclipse faction in Omniheroes. He has a solid attack and can also heal himself and his allies. He’s one of the best tanks in the game, and because he’s good at several things, you must have him for high-rank teams.


    Baal is a tank from the Demon faction in Omniheroes. He’s excellent at defending allies by taking damage instead of them. His Bloodthirst ability makes him even harder to kill as he restored health equal to 50% of dealt damage.


    Athena is a tank from the Divine faction in Omniheroes. She is a borderline warrior, and her abilities are more offensive than other tanks. She uses received damage to increase her attacks and defends allies thanks to Reflect trait that redirects damage from teammates to her.

    Best Support Characters in Omniheroes


    Bastet is a support character from the Eclipse faction in Omniheroes. While support class usually has subpar attack, Bastet can wrack havoc thanks to her Corode attacks. She debuffs enemies, making them defenseless against her attacks.


    Persephone is a support hero from the Eclipse faction. She’s focused on healing, which is necessary if you’re creating a party that values defense. While having more aggressive support like Bastet is sometimes a better option for getting a quick win, you need a typical healer for more complex battles.

    Lily & Lia

    Lily and Lia are support heroes from the Woodland faction that are inseparable. Their duality comes in handy in battles where they combine healing with buffs that increase attacks of allies. If you need both things in your party, the L&L combo is the best way to go.

    Best Mage Characters in Omniheroes


    Dorabella is a mage character from the Empire faction in Omniheroes. Her lightning strikes and missiles can get you a win fast, but only if you protect her, as she’s very fragile. Because of that, Dorabella is most efficient, combined with a tank that can protect her and a support to heal her.


    Salleine is a powerful Empire mage in Omniheroes. He focuses on ice damage, as his abilities, like Everfrost and Frigid Icicle, deal area-of-effect damage. Having one hero in the party with powerful AoE attacks is always a good idea, and Salleine is arguably the best option.


    Talanis is a mage from the Divine faction. She deals primarily AoE lightning damage but can also debuff and stun enemies. She’s focused on thunderstorm-like attacks, so having a defensive support unit is crucial.

    Best Warrior Characters in Omniheroes


    Carola is an Eclipse warrior that has Edward Scissorhands-inspired blades. Besides interesting looks, she’s also a very efficient AoE fighter. Because she attacks all enemies, you’d want to combine her skills with an efficient tank and/or single-target attack character.


    Mastema is a Demon warrior in Omniheroes. He is one of the best single-target fighters in the game, so combine him with suitable support units. His spears are deadly, especially when he lands a critical hit, which is often thanks to his powerful abilities like Annihilating Pierce.


    Nyx is a warrior from the Demon faction. She’s one of the most useful characters as her attacks are focused on backline enemies. This way, you can avoid tanks and warriors and focus specifically on ranged and support enemies.

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