How to fix Stuttering and Freezing in Palia (Solved)


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    Palia’s open beta testing has finally kicked off, and its worldwide release is scheduled for the Winter 2023. As an open-world game, you are more likely to run into infamous issues like stuttering and freezing (especially if playing on low-end hardware). On that note, a wave of frustrated players have been flocking to find a potential fix for performance issues. So without any further ado, here’s a detailed rundown of a few troubleshooting methods to fix stuttering and freezing problems in Palia.

    Palia Stuttering and Freezing Issues Solutions

    Here are a few ways through which you can fix stuttering and freezing problems in Palia:

    • Check your system requirements
    • Disable background programs
    • Lower the graphic settings
    • Update graphics driver
    • Contact Palia support

    Check your system requirements

    To run Palia smoothly, you should first make sure your PC meets the following minimum system requirements:

    Operating System Windows 10 64-bit or higher
    CPU Intel Core i5-4670K / AMD FX-8350 CPU or equivalent
    RAM 4GB
    GPU GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon R9 270 or equivalent

    If your system does not meet these requirements, you might need to upgrade your hardware in order to play Palia.

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    Disable background programs

    Programs running in the background can interfere with the game’s performance and consume resources, leading to issues like stuttering and freezing or reduced frames per second (FPS). Before launching the game, try closing any programs or services. You can use Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) or software like Razer Cortex to manage these background processes.

    Lower the graphic settings

    Lower the graphic settings
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    Lowering the graphic settings of Palia can help you solve some performance issues, such as lagging or low frame rate. To do this, you need to:

    1. Launch Palia on your PC.
    2. Head to the in-game settings.
    3. Navigate to the Graphics Settings tab.
    4. Change the graphics quality preset (aim for the highest setting that doesn’t give you issues).

    Update graphics driver

    Update graphics driver
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    If you continue to experience stuttering or freezing issues while playing Palia, one possible reason could be incompatible drivers. To avoid this, ensure you have the latest drivers by visiting the websites of your GPU manufacturer (e.g. AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel), or using third-party software like Driver Booster to check for updates.

    Contact Palia Support

    Palia Support

    If none of the solutions resolve your issue, I recommended reaching out to Palia support for assistance, as they have expertise in troubleshooting problems and may be able to provide information and guidance. You have the option to send a ticket via their website or join their Discord server and ask for help in the #support channel.

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