New York Mysteries 2 Walkthrough, Part 1


    I really enjoy point-and-click puzzle and object-finding RPGs and the collector’s editions of the New York Mysteries games are some of the best ones out there. This guide will cover Chapter 1 of the game along with links to all my guides to all of the later chapters. So if you need a New York Mysteries 2 high Voltage walkthrough, bookmark this page for everything you need to check or get hints for.

    New York Mysteries 2 High Voltage Part 1 Walkthrough

    Our heroin Laura has been called out to another mysterious case. A series of unusual murders have taken place in and around the city, each preceded by a ball of light witnesses compared to lightning. You head to Central Park, the scene of the latest attack, to see what you can sleuth out.

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    This walkthrough has been done in normal mode, so take into consideration some puzzles may be a little different if you use a different mode but note you can switch difficulty at any time via the menu button (bottom left). Also, remember you can use the map to quickly move between locations (bottom right of the screen). The map also clarifies where you are still looking for collectibles, which I found super useful. 

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    The murder scene

    Image by MyFullGames

    Take the collection item next to the police tape (a1), then click the back of the scene (a2) to move along the path to the hot dog stand and click the policeman to talk to him and get your case file. Take the collectible from the bench (b1) and then click the trash can (b2). Click the newspaper in it once it has fallen over to get the Razor Blade that’s wrapped inside it.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the umbrella patch (b3) for a close-up and take the Wire. In your inventory, click the wire several times to turn it into a Lockpick. While in the same close-up, use the razor blade on the patch to remove it, taking the Fish Figurine Fragment that’s underneath. 

    Click the hot dog bucket (b4) and use the lockpick to pick the lock, taking the Tongs from inside. Don’t miss the morphing object between the back two benches (b5). Go back to the crime scene and get a close-up of the pavement crack (a3), then use the tongs to get the second Fish Figurine Fragment from inside the crack. Select the boat (a4), then use the fish fragments on the box in the close-up to begin your first puzzle. 

    Image by MyFullGames

    It’s a puzzle that you can’t fail but if you’re struggling, you need to move the top-left piece right and then the bottom left two pieces to be able to move the blue section about halfway (see above). From there, move the first piece you moved back to the left and it should be easy from there. Once complete, take the Oilcan. select the bag under the bench (a5) for a close-up, click the top of it several times to remove the leaves, then use the oilcan on the clasp to open it to take and read a letter. Don’t miss the morphing object by the bush (a6).

    Finding Bishop

    Image by MyFullGames

    Once in the souvenir shop, click the rug (c1) and pull it back to reveal a trapdoor, then click it for a close-up and take the Eagle Figurine. Take the morphing object (c2) by the hats and the collectible below it (c3), then click the top of the serving counter (c4) for a close-up. Click the items on the desk until the second Eagle Figurine is available to take from underneath the mess. You can now add the two figurines to the shelf (c5) to start an electricity puzzle. 

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    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    All you need to do is switch the eagles around to make a complete circuit. Again, you can’t fail here, just click two eagles to switch them until you’re done (see above). Once complete, the compartment will open and you can take the String and Eagle Key. Select the front of the serving counter (c6) and add the string to the central flag. Now click the left flag twice and the right flag once to open a secret compartment, taking the Toy Car and Hook from inside. 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Use the eagle key to open the trapdoor (below c1) and head down. Grab the collectible on the right (d1) and the morphing object from below it (d2), then click the poster (d3) to take a second Car and Razor from behind it. Select the boxes (d4) and pick up the Nails. Go back upstairs and get a close-up of the backdoors (c7) and use the razor to cut the rope holding them closed. Click the door again to move into the backroom for a missing objects game.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    If you’re a little stuck on this, some easy things to miss are having to place the lamp on the table and light it, using the key to wind the clock (top left) to get the spring, using the robot code to open the hatch (top of the screen), using the suction cup to open the drawer, and lining up the totem Pole (see above). Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the Lift Key Card. Go back downstairs, select the lift mechanism (d5), and use the keycard on it, then click the green button to descend further. At the bottom of the lift shaft, click the foreground to go into the hall.

    Speaking to Bishop

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click Bishop to talk to him about the case and he’ll give you the Business Card Holder. Click this a few times in your inventory and you’ll get the Pass. Take the picture on the wall (e1) and the third Car from the hole left behind it. I chose to add the toy cars I’d already collected to the box on the table (e2) to clear some inventory space but you don’t have to yet. Take the collectible from above the left door (e3) and the morphing object next to the right chair (e4). 

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Go back up to the souvenir shop (remember you can use the map to fast-travel), click the picture on the wall (c8), and add the picture you just got downstairs to start a matching puzzle (see above). Once complete, take the fourth Car and Fishing Line from behind the picture. Combine the line and hook in your inventory to get a Hook on Fishing Line. Now go right back downstairs and click the door (e5) to go into the study.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the fish tank (f1) for a close-up, take the Slide, and use the hook and line to fish out the Key. Also, grab the morphing object from the bookshelf (f2) and the collectible from the desk (f3). Select the desk (f4), click the loose panel of wood in the close-up to reveal a keyhole, and use the key to open the drawer and take the Stencil, Hammer, and Wire. Add the stencil to the number pad in the drawer, then use the pencil in the drawer to mark off the numbers. Use the puncher that’s also in the draw (see below) on the pad and you’ll receive the Punch Card

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    From the hall, use the passageway on the right side (e6) to go to the intersection. Take the collectible from the gangway (g1, below) and the morphing object from the machine on the right (g2). Select the area in front of that machine (g3) for a close-up and take the Short Planks. Click the door (g4) and take the Long Planks, combining them with the short ones in your inventory (and using the hammer and nails) to get the Ladder. Use the ladder to access the higher level (g7). 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the central control area (g5) for a close-up and take a fifth Car, then use the punch card to operate the machine. This turns a light on in the top-left tunnel (g6). You can now select that area, so do so to select the train there and go inside the carriage. Click the control area inside the carriage for a cut scene. When you exit the underground train, you’ll find yourself in the prison yard. 

    The prison

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the pass from your inventory to talk to the prison guard, who will then allow you entry into the prison. Before you go in, take the collectible from the tire (h1) and the morphing object from the wall (h2). Get a close-up of the fusebox (h3) and take the Star Fragment, then click sacks (h4) to take a second Star Fragment, a Slide, and the Funnel

    Click the truck door (h5) for a close-up and select the handle to open it, taking the sixth Car from inside. Still in the close-up, click the left-side sun visor and the lorry Key will drop onto the seat. Pick up the key and put it in the ignition. You can try to turn it over but the fuel tank is empty. Head into the prison hall.

    Image by MyFullGames

    You’ll find the collectible here at the base of the stairs (i1) and the morphing object on the upstairs far-right lamp (i2). Select the top-left cell (i3) for close-up and take the third Star Fragment and the Rag. go back outside and select the lorry’s fuel tank (h6), use the rag on the wooden panel in the close-up, and you’ll find a four-digit code, 3197

    Image by MyFullGames

    Go back into the prison hall and select the back-right door (i4). Enter 3197 and then press the enter button (bottom right on the keypad) to unlock the door and head into the prison archives. The collectible is on the cabinet (k1), while the morphing object is on the right-side filing cabinet (k2). Grab the Push Broom (k3), then select the filing cabinet (k4) for a close-up. Click the files inside until you open the Henry Tyler file. Take the Iron Apple from the open file. 

    Back to the study

    Return to the study and use the iron apple on the cabinet below the bookshelf (f5), not forgetting to take the sixth Car in the same close-up. With the cabinet open, select the street diorama to begin a puzzle to fix the model. All you need to do is click items that are out of place and then click the position they should be in (see below). You can’t fail but note that if you click outside the image, you’ll need to start again. Once complete you can collect the Empty Film Reel and an Eagle Figurine.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

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    Back in the prison archive, select the table (k5) and click the map to turn it on in the close-up. Add the eagle figurine to the box in the same close-up, taking the Tape and Lever Handle. Click all the ripped pieces of paper in the box too, as they’ll come together on the desk. Use the tape to put the photo back together and then click it for a cut scene plus another code, 462. You can also click the video camera (k6) and add the reel, taking a Slide, Star Piece, and your seventh Car

    Back in the prison yard, you can add the handle to the fuse box (h3), which opens the garage and starts an object-matching puzzle. Once complete, you’ll use the car wing mirror to shine on the circuit board to start a jigsaw-style puzzle. You need to connect all the edge connectors to the ones on the outside of the puzzle. Again, you can’t fail here and the sections will go dark and be locked in once in the right spot. Once complete, you’ll receive the Jerry Can from inside the cupboard. 

    Add the funnel to the lorry furl tank (h6), then use the jerry can to add some petrol. Now re-enter the lorry (h5), turn the key in the ignition, and the lorry will move backward. You can now use the combination you got from the archive (462) to open the briefcase (h7) and get the last Star Piece and a Flashlight

    The star puzzle

    Assemble the star in your inventory and then return to the archive. Use the star on the safe (k7) to start the star puzzle. You need to move the pieces around until they’re in the spaces that match the pattern on each. If you can’t do this one (I found it very annoying!), here’s a solution: 

    • 6-7-5-2-1-3-6-7-5-2-1-3-6-7-5-2-4
    Image by MyFullGames

    Once complete you’ll get the Blowtorch Part, Prison File, and Loaded Film Reel. Add the loaded film reel to the projector (k6) and press the red button for a cut scene of the execution you saw earlier. Once complete, note the image left on the screen. Go back into the lorry in the prison yard and follow this pattern on the door mechanism to open the glove compartment and take the Screwdriver

    Move to the prison hall and use the push broom on the top-left cell door (i3) to drag the radio towards you. Click it again to pull it through the bars and then use the screwdriver to remove the back and take the Batteries. Add them to your torch in the inventory, then use the torch on the dark passageway at the back of the hall (i5), then click the door at the end of the hall in the closeup to gain access to the execution chamber.

    After the cut scene, you’ll receive the Medallion. Is this what gave our condemned prisoner some kind of special abilities?

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