New report details the scrapped iPhone 14 GPU with ray tracing


    Apple’s chips seemed too ambitious ahead of the iPhone 14 launch. The information report showed how the company scrapped plans for an ultrapowerful mobile GPU before the iPhone 14s release.

    This report also details two lawsuits Apple has filed in chip-making startups over what the tech giant claims is theft of proprietary data.

    Of course Apple is working to bring ray tracing-enabled tech to the iPhone. This relatively recent gaming graphics feature lets you to create more realistic lighting, shadows and reflections, but it draws many powerful power. According to the report, Apple was working on the iPhone 14 Pro feature, but it got cut due to the massive power consumption and heat.

    Apple may not have gotten ray tracing working on the iPhone 14 series, but its fascinating to learn that the company is working on that technology. If Apple got it up and running, it would be wise to put on an expensive iPhone and iPad to allow the mobile gaming space. The new re-imagines of the newest animated game, Lego, Castaways has already blew me away this year with its graphics. Until then I can only imagine how much better that would be with the ray-filtered lighting.

    The information: 9to5Mac.


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