New Palworld trailer shows new friends and new areas


    It’s no secret that Palworld fans are eagerly awaiting the big update coming to the game this summer, which promises dozens of new Pals, new areas to explore, and the new Pal Arena game mode. To further build up the excitement, Pocketpair released another teaser today at the ID Xbox Showcase and based on that, there’s a lot to look forward to.

    New Pals includes a frog and a crane.

    Image via Pocketpair

    One of the most anticipated aspects of the upcoming Palworld summer patch is, of course, the addition of dozens of new friends. It has since been confirmed that at least 50 new friends will be added in an update. There’s a chance there will be more later this year, but right now that’s speculative at best.

    The teaser intentionally shows four of them, including a Pal frog that appears to be a water type, a Pal crane bird that displays some land-type abilities, a green lizard sporting a mushroom-shaped hat that looks like a miniature version of Relaxasaurus and lastly, a samurai-style Pal that could be Bushi’s cousin. However, its item type is not displayed.

    For those following current Palworld events on the game’s official Discord, players have since made the effort to mine unreleased Pals data buried in the game’s code. Hidden by cryptic names, they remain a mystery, but some of them appear to be among those debuting in this upcoming patch.

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    The New Palworld areas feature a swamp and an eastern village.

    Image via Pocketpair

    Along with the new Pals, we also get a glimpse of some colorful new areas that players will be able to explore and hopefully establish bases.

    The area where the Pals, the frog and the mushroom lizard are shown, definitely looks like a swamp aesthetic, with mushrooms in abundance. On the contrary, there is a pristine appearance oriental style village full of cherry blossoms, the Palworld adventurer walks alongside Cattiva.

    This could certainly mean a lot of things, as we may have access to more vendors here and what looks like a new Boss Tower. It would certainly be nice to see the hubs livened up with more NPCs and perhaps some new types of shops. An educated guess would be that all of these biomes will form a whole new island in Palpagos.

    What is the Palworld summer patch release date?

    For quite some time, the confirmed release of Palworld’s biggest patch to date has been scheduled for “Summer 2024,” and that’s also reiterated at the end of this latest trailer. However, thanks to an official follow-up tweet from Xbox Game Pass, a more precise launch window was revealed.

    We will receive the patch update sometime in June, and there will likely be an exact date in May. It remains to be seen if the Pal Arena PVP mode will be released together, but it is very possible that we will get both for the summer season.

    Palworld is currently available everywhere on PC (via Steam and GamePass) and Xbox Series X|S platforms. Watch the full trailer for the upcoming content patch below via YouTube.

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