New buildings, furniture and mechanics in the Witner update for Medieval Dynasty Update



    Medieval Dynasty, a medieval survival simulator from Render Cube, has received an updated update that includes many interesting new technologies. Adventurers have access to new buildings like a farmhouse, a gate, a wooden fence, and a chance to make snowballs during winter holiday celebrations. The medieval times were adapted and given that there were many new types of furniture.

    As well as update, more than 20 new locations generated on the map appeared in the game, various sounds swung on when picking up items and harvesting, new varieties of tools such as the chill and the sydney, and much more.

    There were also changes in some mechanics currently developed by the authors.

    Horse and donkey fall now if they hit the ground more hard. They can fall even if they hit something at an altitude. Fixed Fixed Aim Assist for control. Added a few more hints on the loading screen. NPCs react to collisions and are hit by snowballs now. It’s all greens with their own unique gathering sounds.

    Remember that even during 2023, the survival simulator Medieval Dynasty will acquire a full-fledged cooperative mode, which developers announced in the project roadmap.



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