Bandai Namco to get ready for new Digimon Games During the World War I on Wednesday 12th of February of this year, the 23rd annual convention



    Bandai Namco announced that he’ll host a special live event while the Digimon Con will take place. The new releases ranging from the comic game to the animated cartoon as well.

    The announcement, made on Twitter, tells us that the event is planned for February 12th, and can be watched live on the Bandai Namco YouTube channel. Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed about the new game.

    Bandai Namco is going to start the new app Digimon World: Next Order on PC and Nintendo Switch. The publisher recently kicked out a pre-order for the game that was released on PS4 and Vita.

    Digimon Survive, the last major game of the franchise, was very successful. It had sold over 500,000 copies across the globe. The game featured a new cast of characters, including Takuma Momozuka as its protagonist.

    DIGIMON CON 2023 Announcement DIGIMON CON, our special livestream event started in 2022.

    Time: February 12, 2023 at 10. JST Place: Bandai YouTube channel.

    We’ll announce more details soon. Can you have a look out there? #digimon /

    ( December 16, 2022



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