MW2 fans slam ‘trash’ Black Cell smoke grenade effects


    While Modern Warfare 2’s BlackCell offering has been well-received by the community as an “instant buy”, there is one part that is somewhat disappointing.

    Before the release of Season 6 Black Cell, players noticed that it included a smoke grenade skin for the first time. This raised alarm bells from some fans, who are convinced that Activision is trying to cash in on every aspect of Call of Duty.

    Well, now that the smoke grenade is out and available, the community realized that the throwable actually has special in-game animations.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to restore the Smoke Grenade skin’s reputation, with players calling the special effects “Trash“And “Lame

    MW2 players are not affected by the Black Sail Smoke Grenade.

    Taking to Twitter on September 27, the popular Call of Duty account Charliantelle Decided to show special animations of blackcell smoke grenades.

    When thrown, the smoke covers an area in a certain pattern but also reflects the orange face of the cobra. While a few CoD fans were impressed by the spectacle, most are extremely disappointed.

    No chance they slapped a glowing snake PNG in front of the smoke.“One user mocked, with another claim”Pretty lame tbh, glad I didn’t buy the black sale.

    Some competitors are even arguing that it could be considered “Pay to win“Because running from a snake’s mouth is incredibly annoying.

    Fans of MW2 say that the black cell smoke effects don’t match the theme

    Click to enlarge.

    When it comes to Black Cell, Activision is sticking with the black and gold theme, which fans are starting to get bored of, prompting designers to get more creative.

    However, when it comes to smoke grenades, some players believe that the devs missed an opportunity to create some amazing black and gold special effects.

    One user explained that it “It would have been better if it had darkened the smoke and then shone the gold,Matching the Black Cell theme.

    Either way, this is just the first Smoke Grenade skin to enter the CoD franchise and based on the cosmetics’ past trajectory, there’s bound to be more as they make their way into Modern Warfare 3.


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