Mordhau Best Weapons Tier List (2023)


    There are plenty of weapons to choose from in Mordhau, and they all have some use in one way or another. However, there should always be a set of the best weapons, and we think you should know what they are. So, here is our definitive Mordhau weapon tier list, for your reading pleasure.

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    The best weapons in Mordhau

    The weapons on this list were selected due to their above average stats and charge costs. The balance in Mordhau is extremely solid, so the difference between each of the weapons, in terms of power, is minimal if used correctly. So please understand that this tier list is based entirely on overall performance rather than full-scale duels or battles. Also, there are no lutes on this list. Sorry Bards! The following classifications are in no particular order and instead, represent the selection of the best weapons that you can use in Mordau:

    1. Zweihander

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    The Zweihander is an absolute monster in the hands of someone who can properly handle the weapon’s slow spin rate and use it to deliver delayed punishment. Its massive range, for a sword, also allows for some of the cleanest strikes you can get in all of Mordhau.

    2. deck

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    With the absolute highest hit damage possible in the entire game, the Maul is a monster at delivering utterly destructive blows, often killing lightly armored targets in a single well-placed hit. In the hands of a novice, the Maul looks pretty mediocre. It has a very slow turn rate and very low range, but those who can dodge these pitfalls will be a force on the battlefield.

    3. Greatsword

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    The Greatsword works like a weaker Zweihander with a significantly faster swing rate, making it the go-to choice for those looking to swing a greatsword at a decent speed and still deliver wide-cleavage payloads.

    4. spear

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    The spear has the longest range of any other melee weapon in the game, making it the ideal frontline support in a group fight. With its high stab damage and incredible range, it’s the perfect tool to land deadly headshots with ease. Although he is somewhat hampered by his slow turn rate, his range makes up for it, often allowing him to take out targets in a single, well-placed, long-range backstab.

    5. Pole Ax

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    The Pole Ax is a weapon that has extremely strong stats across the board, allowing it to adapt perfectly to any situation.

    6. Scimitar

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    With the highest hit damage of any one-handed weapon and extremely solid turn speed to complement it, the scimitar is a force of nature on the battlefield, especially if you use a shield with it.

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    7. Short spear

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Short Spear’s perks are pretty much identical to Spear’s, only you can use a shield with it. As its name implies, the weapon has a shorter range than the normal spear, but its damage is surprisingly higher.

    8. Arming Sword

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    The Arming Sword is a very intermediate weapon when it comes to raw stat damage. However, the reason we put it on this list is because of its low charge point cost and turn speed. It’s a solid weapon that can fit into just about any build no matter what else you’re using.

    9. Dagger

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    With the fastest turn rate of any weapon in the entire game, the Dagger is a potent tool when used to attack and overwhelm heavy enemies at close range or from an ambush. While his damage stats are pretty poor, with Stab Damage being the highest by a wide margin, his speed allows for several consecutive hits before your enemy has a chance to back off.

    10. Halberd

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    The Halberd has incredible stats across the board, except in the speed department, where it really lacks. However, its damage profile more than makes up for the lack of speed in the hands of someone who can use their low turn speed to delay punishment, like the Zweihander.

    11. Bastard Sword

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    With incredibly decent stats across the board, the Bastard Sword’s real advantage is its ability to be used one-handed or two-handed depending on the situation.

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