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    To celebrate the release of their debut album, Super glueindie-pop duo Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford, who make up the band Joanna, have also made their Roblox Metaverse debut. Fans of Joan, or fans of free items in general, will also be pleased to know that along with their debut, the duo also brought a free avatar item, the John T-shirtwhich can be obtained in two different experiences—RoBeats and mega rookie simulator. To find out how to win this item on RoBeats, continue reading below.

    How to Unlock Joan’s T-shirt for Free in Robeats

    To earn Joan’s T-shirt, players must dance to Joan’s “loner” song on any difficulty. To start your first attempt, go up to the NPCs joan and interact with them. Doing so will take you to the beat-based minigame of the experience. In order to play this minigame successfully, you will need to press the corresponding key on your keyboard or touch the correct circle, just as the moving puck crosses it.

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    As soon as the minigame ends, you will automatically get Joan’s badge and the corresponding item. That’s all about it!


    Although this item can also be obtained in Mega Noob Simulator, it is not a different item and can not it will be earned more than once, which means that once you’ve earned the item in any experience, you won’t receive a second copy of the item or a different jersey. Also note that the listening party ends on April 23, 2023so get this shirt ASAP if you’re interested!

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