Moneyland Adventure – Achievement Guide



    This guide will show you how to get all the achievements in Money Land Adventure.


    This is my first guide and it will contain simple information on how to get all the achievements in Moneyland Adventure.

    In general I rate the achievements as 9/10. Most achievements can be completed in the first 5 hours. I estimate that it takes about 16 hours of gameplay to get all the achievements. This is due to the “Advanced Survivalist” achievement taking a long time.

    I only tried it with the “Shaman’s Friend” achievement, but it seems the achievements won’t unlock if you try to do them creatively.

    All achievements

    I can make more!

    Have a workbench.

    I’m tired of the sharp stone.

    Have a tool table.

    Melting time

    Have a furnace.

    It’s dark here!

    Build a ladder and visit the underground.

    Time to build a house

    Have a carpenter’s table.

    I have not found a place in the inventory.

    Chest up.

    Time to present

    Place the furniture table.

    Getting nutrition!

    Kill the sheep and cook its meat.

    I can see in the dark now!

    Carry a flashlight.

    Hard material

    Copper can be obtained underground. Get some and put it in the furnace with wood or coal.


    Mine is a ruby ​​that can be obtained underground.

    Helping a friend

    Assign a bed to a goblin. To do this just place a goblin bed next to the goblin or slowly move it to the goblin bed. The goblins will chase you if you get too close to them.

    Now I can drink it.

    To do this you must first prepare a tin bucket. You can find tons underground. Then you can prepare a bucket and fetch some water from the sea. Then place the filled bucket in the furnace.

    A naked sheep

    Shearing a sheep.

    Appreciating myself.

    Put up a statue.

    A true farmer

    Prepare a copper watering can.

    Alpaca riders

    Prepare a saddle and saddle the alpaca.

    I don’t like it either…

    Grow broccoli.

    I don’t have time to wait.

    Use bone meal to grow plants faster. You can get bone meal from bones. You can get bones by killing skeletons or by digging up fossils in underground areas of dessert.

    To give and take

    Destroy the assigned goblin bed.

    Explorer’s Friend

    Satisfy an Explorer Goblin by placing the furniture of your choice near its assigned bed.

    I want it to look different!

    Use a paint brush. You can get one from the Carpenter Goblin for a few coins.

    Complex process

    Make bronze. To do this you will need a mix of copper and tin from your handcrafting and then melt it in a furnace.

    What a big tree!

    Grow a redwood tree.

    Oh, it’s fast!

    Grow a cactus.

    The pyrotechnician

    A bomb blast. You can get the required bomb materials from bomb spiders and sheep. If you’re lucky, you might even find one in a certain crowd.

    strange place

    Prepare and enter the portal.

    The strongest!

    Mine is an obsidian. You can find obsidian in the magical dimension by going through the portal. I recommend going at night.

    I can finally rest in the morning!

    Have a sprinkler.

    Smith’s friend

    Satisfy the Smith Goblin by placing the furniture of your choice near your assigned bed.

    Masterpiece of swords

    Craft an obsidian sword. You can get obsidian in magical dimensions or by throwing coins into fountains. If you’re lucky enough to have an Explorer Goblin in your world, you can buy it from him as well.

    A farmer’s friend

    Satisfy a Cultivator Goblin by placing the furniture of his choice near his assigned bed.


    Buy a slingshot from the Explorer Goblin.

    Once an egg, once…

    Cook an egg. You can get eggs by feeding the ostrich four acorns.

    Oh, it burns!

    Collect the lava with a bucket. You can find lava in the magic dimension.


    Activate the monolith. You can find the monolith in the magical dimension. After collecting 100 souls you will be able to activate the monolith. Souls will not be consumed and do not need to be in inventory.

    Carpenter’s friend

    Satisfy a Carpenter Goblin by placing your favorite piece of furniture near your assigned bed.

    How durable is it?

    Buy a quartz ax from a smith goblin.

    I can waste my coins here.

    Have a fountain.

    Encouraged again.

    Reclaim the Spirit. You will regain the soul by killing the enemy that will spawn after activating the monolith.

    I would stare at it for hours!

    Install the lava lamp.

    Did you get your wish…

    Throw a coin into the fountain.

    Bewitched Farmer

    Grow a magic mushroom. You can get them in the magical dimension. You can then place them on the surface and use bone meal on them.

    Advanced farmers

    Grow pumpkins. You can buy pumpkin seeds from Farmer Goblin.

    Feeling luxurious

    Buy a gold bookcase from the Carpenter Goblin.

    Once an egg, once an ostrich

    Take out an egg. Get and feed an ostrich and lay an egg. Then place the egg on the ground and wait.


    Have a jack-o-lantern. To get pumpkins you need to buy pumpkin seeds from Farmer Goblin.

    Shama’s friend

    Satisfy a shaman goblin by placing your favorite piece of furniture near your assigned bed.

    Advanced survivalist

    Reach day 100. A day cycle takes about 8 minutes. If you sleep every day, it will take about 14 hours. Otherwise it may take twice as long.



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