Midnight Suns Stained Soil & Church Puzzle Guide


    Marvel’s Midnight Suns game is mostly about spending quality time with super friends while fighting bad guys. But from time to time, you will face challenging puzzles that are hard to crack. One is connected to the Church of Shaw, which hides many secrets. This Midnight Suns Stained Soil and Church Puzzle guide will help you solve an essential mystery related to witches.

    Marvel’s Midnight Suns Church Puzzle Walkthrough

    When you reach the Church of Hiram Shaw in the northeast area of ​​the map, here you will need to explore the location and find some important items. It’s all part of the quest to get the Purify Word of Power at Midnight Suns. Follow these instructions on how to solve the Shaw’s Church puzzle:

    • While inside the church, use Open Word of Power to open the door to the study room.
    • Approach the table and use Reveal Power Word. If you don’t already have it, check out our guide on how to get all the Words of Power.
    • Interact with the papers on the table.
    • You will notice three clues that show you the Witch Covens locations in Midnight Suns.
    • Each paper has a specific symbol attached to it and a drawing of the location. You will need this a bit later. For now, continue exploring the church.
    • Use Open Word to unlock the door behind the table in the study room.
    • Head to the right and inspect the glowing room.
    • Return to the Abbey and talk to Dr. Strange.
    • Here you will need to pause this quest until you defeat Venom in combat. By doing this, you will get a sample of the symbiote.
    • Dr. Strange will use it to create an item that will break the protection in Hiram Shaw’s church.

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    Marvel Midnight Suns Stained Floor Locations Guide

    Image from MyFullGames
    • the first coven It is located near the Standing Stones.
    • the second coven It is found to the east of Dreamer’s Descent in a small cave.
    • the third coven it can be found at the end of the stream to the west of the Abbey.

    Give Agatha Stained Dirt and head to the Hanging Tree, located west of Shaw’s Church, next to the graveyard. Use Reveal Power Word to see the tree. Here you will find a moon seal in the roots of the tree. By doing this you will complete the Hiram Shaw Church puzzle.

    Why can’t I find stained soil in Coven locations?

    Although you can locate three Witch Covens fairly early in the game, you cannot retrieve Mysterious Items from Stained Soil until you obtain and study symbiote sample Y complete the story battle The bell tolls. Afterwards, you can visit covens and collect stained soil.

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