Microsoft said it wouldn’t be profitable for Sony to deprive Sony of access to Call of Duty after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard


    Microsoft filed a response to a pending antitrust suit against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the day before the agency tried to try to stop the software giant from taking over Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars. According to the defendant, this agreement won’t harm competition.

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    The problem with the government revealed in the past two decades that the company was facing most confrontations by the US regulators. One would say that the last time in the past two decades that claims of this magnitude were arose from the Department of Justice, dissatisfied with the dominance of Windows in the operating system market. In the era of Donald Trump, competition concerns from Americans were filed by Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and Facebook * (the old name of Meta). Microsoft, the other hand, continued to pursue its own policy even with the arrival of Joe Biden (Joe Biden) and Lina Khan, who led the FTC under him. But the software giant announced its intention to buy Activision Blizzard. The agency said the deal violated the American constitution on December 8.

    Microsoft has made some concessions to the release of Activision Blizzards Call of Duty games on the Nintendo console for ten years, and then distribution them through Steam. Sony made a similar offer, but Japaneses refused. Microsoft reminded me that Activision Blizzard games aren’t available yet as part of subscription services like Game Pass, and its products would soon become more accessible because of the takeover of the developer.


    If a third console maker purchased one game, it can’t turn it into an extremely competitive industry. Especially considering that the manufacturer has explained that it is not going to confiscate the game. [ ]. The fact that the dominant Xbox competitor refuses to accept the Xbox offer doesn’t just make it a bad deal for consumers, Microsoft said in a recall. Moreover, the company said that after almost a year of investigation, the FTC didn’t show that Microsoft hoped to block the game on the PlayStation, its availability will’ve been limited.

    In response to the FTC lawsuit, Activision Blizzard said Microsoft’s refusal to publish Call of Duty on the Sony PlayStation and other competitive platforms would mean losing billions of dollars in sales and a huge share of the market that the developer had worked hard to win. The company also accused the FTC of inventing manipulative markets for related products, including high-performance consoles limited to Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and separate games subscription and cloud gaming in an attempt to refute its unsubstantiated damage theory.

    * In the list of associations and religious associations that were subject to the end of the week, the court declared it that it would be a good decision to liquidate or ban activities based on the reasons. I wrote the order 114 fz stating that it was on counterterrorism.

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