Microsoft confirms that 3 Bethesda games will be Xbox exclusives in the future


    From the official response document of Microsoft allFTCin anticipation of the battle that lies ahead in court, emerges that company has an in-front at least 3 Xboxesda games come esclusive but they won’t come on PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

    No names are obviously mentioned. We must also depend on this principle to understand what it might be. Three games will be planned in the future, the majority being shaped as one player or as small groups.

    Starfield will be one of three Xbox exclusive titles at Bethesda.

    If it is based on already known games, we can easily imagine that two of these could be Starfield and Redfall (for which it was a possibility that the game could be played in large groups) thus the third would remain a mystery even if it was a simple guess.

    The first suspect presumably is The Elder Scrolls 6, given that the current development is essentially the only other game that could be featured in the case, but in addition to the new Machine Games game Indiana Jones. Which is more difficult to define an exclusive given that the universal appeal of this character is as important as LucasFilm games and its ability to object to a block on its distribution on other platforms are quite relevant, so it’s a more remote hypothesis.

    Obviously, the thing would change greatly if we were dealing with games not yet announced or if we didn’t consider Starfield and Redfall as a possibility, but grew into the reality that the two titles are included in three exclusives. That statement is part of the official statement obtained by Microsoft to the FTC. This document shed light on the company’s approach to Bethesda content after the acquisition.

    After the closing of the transaction, the first two new ZeniMax games were released as PlayStation exclusives for one year after the launch, according to the document, Xbox anticipates that the 3 future games [titoli rimossi] all designed for primarily single or small groups will be Xbox and PC exclusives. Even though Xbox has the same approach as other platforms, it continues to make up its main offerings as games like Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online both on Xbox and PlayStation, and these games are designed to play on different platforms.

    The question is whose last point is directly related to the idea of a multiplatform future for Call of Duty. Since this is also a title to be played in multiplayer on different platforms by an extended community, Microsoft says.


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