Massive Lost Ark ban wave cuts Steam player count by two-thirds


    Lost Ark player numbers have dropped significantly after a wide wave of bans. This has effectively reduced the number of players on Steam by two-thirds. This has left many players wondering why the player count has dropped so low so fast.

    Amazon Games made a statement about the PlayLostArk Forumsstating: “This week, many players have noticed a decrease in the number of concurrent users shown in Lost Ark’s Steam stats. This change is a direct result of the implementation of a significant number of bot account bans, who used new and highly effective tactics to target and remove bots from the game.”

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    Why have Lost Ark player numbers dropped drastically?

    This isn’t the first time Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have dropped the ban hammer. They have routinely banned numerous bot, hacker, and cheater accounts in the past and intend to continue monitoring accounts for bannable offenses in the coming months.

    While alarming, this means Lost Ark isn’t dying, and the accounts that have been banned are mostly bots. Players should see an improvement in gameplay as bots are known to have a negative effect on gameplay.

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