Ark Therizinosaurus — Taming, Feeding, and Breeding Guide


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    Therizinosaurus are brutal, reclusive dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous period that roam the lands of ARK: Survival Evolved. However, once domesticated, these dinosaurs measure up to their modern relatives by serving as excellent all-purpose dinosaurs that can farm vast amounts of different resources. While these dinosaurs may seem scary at first, they are definitely worth getting up close.

    How to tame a Therizinosaurus in ARK

    The problem with these dinosaurs is that they like to attack anyone who gets too close to them. Your best bet is to start by catching the Therizinosaurus. Use stone doors to build a box and lure the dinosaur inside.

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    Once you have a dinosaur in the box, run out of the trap box by dashing through the gaps left in each corner of the box, then shoot the dinosaur from afar. Make sure you keep a good distance because if you get too close, the Therizinosaurus will use its claws for maximum impact and damage.

    After knocking out the dinosaur, use a large amount of exceptional croquette Y soothing balm to increase the taming process and not wander. You’ll also want to keep narcotics on hand because sedatives don’t work for long on these dinosaurs.

    How to feed a Therizinosaurus in ARK

    Therizinosaurus as a species are herbivorous, but enjoy a bit of variety in their diet. they will wait exceptional croquettebut will also eat the following other foods:

    • Vegetables
    • Sweet Vegetable Cake
    • berries
    • Grain
    • soy
    • Blueberry

    How to breed a Therizinosaurus in ARK

    If you allow two Therizinosaurus dinosaurs to mate, the female will lay a fertilized black and purple Therizinosaurus egg.

    To breed these dinosaurs, you’ll first want to get a male and female Therizinosaurus. You will then need to build a pen that can comfortably accommodate both dinosaurs. Place the two dinosaurs in the enclosure before going to the control menu to have them both. wander. It will take about 18-48 hours for the reproduction to be successful.

    Once you have a fertilized egg, make sure the temperature surrounding the egg is between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius. It should hatch after two hours.

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