Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Insomniac Says Download Day One Patch for ‘Best Experience’


    More than two years after its initial reveal trailer, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is almost here. Coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 on October 20, developer Insomniac Games’ sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a game we thoroughly enjoyed – Read Informant in the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 review here – and we’re excited for others to play it. So is Insomniac, but in a new statement, it tells players that while the game will be fully playable on physical discs, it recommends downloading the day-one patch.

    More specifically, the download update is version 1.001.002 and will be available at launch this Friday. Digital owners need not worry about this as this patch will be installed as part of the preloaded version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

    “The disc contains the entire game and is playable from start to finish with no patch or online required,” Insomniac’s statement said. “But for the best experience, we highly encourage physical/disc-based players to download update version 1.001.002 on launch day – before experiencing the game’s opening mission for the first time. Digital players – Don’t worry, if you preload the digital version of the game, you’ll get 1.001.002 as the preloaded version.”

    As for why, Insomniac says that this update polishes the gold master of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 available on disc. It improves the early parts of the game and includes other general improvements to Spidey’s experience. It also includes some additional accessibility options.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hits PlayStation 5 on October 20.

    For more, read on Informant in the game Review Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and then watch this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 cinematic trailer. Next, check out some gameplay. Informant in the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Gameplay Today

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