How to play Roblox Brookhaven in Fortnite Creative


    The debut of Fortnite’s UEFN creative mode has opened the doors to all kinds of things. Instead of just playing the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite players can experience a ton of different genres, all within the same game. One such game that players can check out is Roblox, and more specifically the Brookhaven RP map. Here’s how to play it in Fortnite.

    How to play Roblox Brookhaven in Fortnite

    You can play Brookhaven yourself by putting Island code 8794-8292-7360. This has been a popular mode since its release and you can often see over 1000 simultaneous players at any given time. Not bad for an imitation of a Roblox game.

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    As for why you would want to play the Fortnite version instead of the Roblox version? That’s entirely up to you, but we have to imagine that most people will stick with the Roblox version rather than the Fortnite knockoff. It will be fun to play for a while, but it’s no secret that the original version is much more popular, despite not having any secret codes.

    What is Roblox Brookhaven RP?

    Brookhaven is one of the biggest Roblox games available. While the Fortnite version seems to hover around 1,000 players at a time, the Roblox version sees around 500,000 players daily. Brookhaven is a role-playing game where players participate in a Sims-like experience where they can do almost anything they want.

    You can go out with friends, hike, buy houses, and essentially live a whole life. The Fortnite version is a basic version of that, but you’ll want to experience the real version at some point.

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