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    MapleStory is a classic of the RPG genre, and the current version combines classic 2D side-scrolling action with MMO elements, allowing you to play online with friends. You’ll also want to build a team, as leveling up and taking on the toughest bosses in the game will be much more manageable. Boss victories lead to collecting their soul fragments, and unlocking the best souls unlocks powerful abilities. So, read on for my list of MapleStory soul levels.

    Soul Tier List for MapleStory

    Level Soul
    H.H Crimson Queen, Cygnus, Damien, Darknell, Kaling, Kalos, Lotus, Lucid, Magnus, Murgoth, Vellum, Verus Hilla, Will
    Yes Pierre, Pink Bean, Ursus, Von Bon
    TO Arkarium, Bad Brawler, Black Knight, Mad Wizard, Rampant Cyborg, Vicious Hunter
    b Elemental Elunite, Gigatoad, Hilla, Papulatus, Von Leon
    c Balrog, Golden Dragon, Omega Nenne, Omega Tutu, Red Tiger, Zakum
    d Captain Darkgoo, Dragon Rider, Ephenia, Mu Gong, Pianus, Prison Guard Ani, Rex, Rock Spirit, Xerxes

    All the souls in MapleStory, ranked

    Best SS Level Souls in MapleStory


    You will need to be level 190 to take on Lotus, while you will also need to have completed Black Heaven Act Six, in Black Heaven Core. The battle is divided into three parts (facing the Core, Lotus, and then Runaway Lotus) and you will have to complete them all within 30 minutes.

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    Lucid is the boss you will find at the top of the Tower of Nightmares. The level requirement is 220 and you must have completed the Lachelen quest line to the point where you receive the arcane symbol. You have 30 minutes to complete the battle.

    Best S Tier Souls in MapleStory

    pink bean

    You will have to progress through the Temple of Time before you can face Pink Bean. This means smashing 200 mobs in an area and also defeating their boss. In the Pink Bean fight, you will have to knock down all the statues of her before you can confront her. Place your entire party on one statue at once for the best chance of success.

    Bon Bon

    Taking on this chicken is more difficult than it first appears, largely due to the eight-minute battle timer. If you don’t delete it within that time, you’ll have to wait another 10 minutes before you can try again. If possible, do not let Von Bon stand on white circles, as this speeds up the timer.

    MapleStory Souls

    While I consider these to be the best souls to fight and collect in MapleStory, this is, of course, subjective. They are worth aiming for, but all souls are worth collecting and some of the lower level souls (especially Mu Gong) are still considered strong at the end of the game. So keep this in mind, but assume as much as you can handle and enjoy.

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