How to find evil spirits in The Haunting Warzone and DMZ


    The limited-time Haunting event in Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ brings many new rewards that players can unlock by completing challenges. During Operation Nightmare, you face monsters while defending yourself against other players. Here is a guide on where you can find the wanted evil spirits during this LTM.

    Where to find evil spirits in The Haunting Warzone and DMZ

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    There are four evil spirits that can be found in Al Mazrah during the Operation Nightmare event in Warzone and DMZ. I also marked all the points of interest where you can find these monsters on the map above.

    1. reaper: Loot Containers at Al-Safwa Quarry
    2. Ghoul: Loot Containers in Al Mazrah City
    3. Spectrum: Loot Containers in Al Bagra Fortress
    4. Witch: Loot containers at Al Malik airport

    Select any game mode that includes the Al Mazrah night map, whether Massive Resurgence or Battle Royale. Head to any of the four marked points of interest and start opening loot containers. The supply box, duffle bag, cash register, first aid kit, and any other loot will count. When you open these containers, you will be greeted with a random jumpscare, so be prepared and keep the volume down. Once you get a jumpscare on one POI, move on to the other and start opening containers there. Below I also added images of what the jumpscares will look like for different evil spirits.

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    Reaper Jumpscare – Al-Safwa Quarry

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Ghoul Jumpscare – Al Mazrah City

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Specter Jumpscare – Al Bagra Fortress

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Witch Jumpscare – Al Malik Airport

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Stay tuned to Pro Gaming Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone content. In the meantime, check out our article on What playlists are in Warzone 2 today? (Updated weekly).


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