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    Point-and-click puzzle-solving RPGs are my favorite genre of PC games. There are some brilliant examples, from Monkey Island to Broken Sword, but few have more charm and spectacular artwork than Machinarium. But its looks are combined with some really clever gameplay, so if you’re stuck somewhere, read on for part two of my full Machinarium walkthrough.

    Machinarium Walkthrough Part 2 – All Puzzle Solutions

    This part of the guide begins right after you have looked through the telescope in the prison and left the prison building to take the elevator after finding Berta. If you’re looking for events before or after this, check out my Machinarium Complete Walkthrough hub page for links.

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    I suggest saving the game every time you appear in a new scene. I found that some of the puzzles can have a few bugs, so it’s good to have a recent save to load up if something goes wrong. The elevator puzzle below failed me when I tried to reset it, for example, as did moving the oil container in the water.

    the red umbrella

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    Walk to the right of the red boxes (a1) and push them to the left. When they are at the far left of the screen, push them once more and you will be taken to a new screen. Speak to red robot (b1) discover that he will trade his umbrella for the safe return of his robot dog.

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    Now click on the panel here (b2) and press the middle row of buttons (see image below) in the following order: 5-3-2-4-6-7-5-3-1-2-4-6-5-3-4. Once this is done, the above mechanism should start moving (c1) to show that it is working. Click on the yellow lever on the left (c2) to lower it and grab the top red box, then again to lift it into the air. If you make any mistakes, you can click the red button on the right (c3) of the device to reset the buttons.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Now that there is only one red box, push it to the right to where he was outside the jail (a1). Click on the stone (a2) to climb onto it, then do the same with the single red box (a1). Reach out and click on the ladder rungs to go up and enter the small cabin on the side of the building (a3). This begins another puzzle.

    Image from MyFullGames

    You must set the dial (d1) so that point at four o’clock by pressing the little red buttons (d2) and then pressing the green button (d3). This will move the floating oil can to a position in front of the right spring (d4). Once you are there, click the red button (d5) Drop some oil and get back to the ground as fast as you can. Stand next to the edge of the dock (d6) and use the plunger gun in your inventory on the dog (d7), which should be licking the oil.

    This will add the dog to your inventory. If you are too slow and it has moved behind the cannon, you will have to try again. Once you have the dog in your inventory, return it to the red robot (b1) and he will give you the Umbrella. You can now walk to the left of the red robot and under the dripping water (b3). You will appear at the back of the scene with the jail. Click on the stairs (a4) to go up and enter the next area.

    The band

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    Talk to the three musicians to discover that their instruments are damaged. Enter the store (e1) and the bartender (f1) will tell you that you will have to pay if you want oil. Sit at the table (f2), click on the sitting robot (f3) to find out what you want to play, and then click on the table (f4) to start. You need get five in a row to win. You can keep trying as many times as necessary until you win.

    Image from MyFullGames

    When you win, the robot will flip the table and you can Collect five game pieces.. Once you have them (you’ll need to extend them up to get the one on the door), extend that as well and take the fly paper (f5) and look out the window (f6) to see the villains playing cards in the next room.

    Go back outside and give the game pieces to the saxophonist (e2) to fix his instrument. The lady in the house above will throw a plant at you. She uses the fly paper on the gunge (e3) to catch some flies, then she goes back to the bar and uses them on the bartender (f1). Quickly drag the oil barrel (f7) and give it to the drummer (e4). This causes the lady above to throw the second pot from her, after which you can pick up the Plant from in front of the band.

    Go up the stairs at the back of the scene (e5). You can’t enter the door in the next scene, so continue up the stairs to the clock tower.

    The streetlight puzzle

    Image from MyFullGames

    Talking to the two robots in the square, you will find that the one in the wheelchair (g1) wants some oil (Click again to get the oil can.) and the one under the clock tower (g2) shows the time you are waiting for on the clock. Go up the stairs on the left (g3).

    Image from MyFullGames

    Climb the ladder to stand on the robot there and unplug your tool (h1). Quickly return to ground level and pull the cables (h2). This will make the ladder robot move to the right. Now walk towards the lamppost and open the panel (h3) to start a slide puzzle. When you try to complete it, a piece will fall and the owl will grab it.

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    Go and work on the puzzle again, which is much easier if two pieces are missing. Once you have it almost complete (see image below), leave the puzzle alone and walk to the left. The owl will follow you as you move. stand on the bridge (h4) until the owl lands on the wire. Now repeatedly extend your head up and down and the owl will copy you, causing the cable to swing. After a few tries, the owl will fall when the wire breaks.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    He will cough Puzzle piece which you can now collect. Also, connect the broken cable to the bridge rail by clicking on the end of the cable. Add the puzzle piece to its place on the streetlight puzzle (h3), completing the circuit and electrifying the wire and handrail.

    Climb the robot ladder once more and pull the robot cat’s tail (h5), scaring him towards the electric fence, stunning him. He jumps down, removes the puzzle piece from the streetlight and the robot cat will fall. Pick up the stunned robot cat. He returns to the band and gives the stunned cat to the last musician (e6). The angry lady will knock her down. Radiothat you should collect.

    Clock Tower

    Go through the passage to the left of the musicians (e7), Use the can on the oil spill.and then return to the clock tower screen. Give the full can to the wheelchair robot (g1). He will use it to oil the chair and then suggest that now he wants some sunflower oil. Remove the can take the manhole cover under the wheelchair and head into the hole.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Click on the red tool (i1) to see that you need three of them. Click on the tool again in the foreground to collect it and take the wire hook You can also see it in the same close-up. Walk to the right, open the drawer (i2), and click on the pages on the right side of the book in the foreground until you reach the end. take your second red tool. Click on the robot key (i3) to find out you want to recover your music.

    Head down to see a close-up of the drain (i4) and use the hook to get the third red tool. Go back to the close-up of the pipes and add the wrenches (as shown below). This will stop the water flowing into the pool next to the clock tower, so head back up.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Take the Key (g4) and then look at the two notes on the wall below the clock tower (g5). The one on the left has an infinity symbol and the one on the right is a moon, both with three symbols underneath. Place the key in the hole in the wall below the left note and click again to turn it. Turn the handle until the clock is on b.the missing hand is facing up (towards the ~) and the the red hand is in the VII. The robot here will enter, revealing another note behind where he was sitting.

    When looking at this note, you should place the hands on VI (red) and 6 (black), so do it now. The robot will now leave the tower on the right (g6), giving you access. Go up and take the Spokesman (g7), then connect the speaker to your radio on the inventory. Go back underground, place the new radio on the table (i2), click on the keybot once the music starts and it will fill the pool (and the bad guy’s card room) with water.

    Looking for Berta

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    Go back to the clock tower screen and climb to the source (g8), where you will fall to the tank below (i5). Click on the valve to enter the pipe (i6) and appear on a balcony. Get on the elevator, press the red button (k1), and the elevator will descend. Click on the window once you’re at the bottom (k2) to watch a cutscene, where you’ll discover that Bertha is being held prisoner.

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    Image from MyFullGames

    After the scene, you will take control of Berta instead of Josef. Open the closet (l1) and take the Corn, then take the flowerpot (l2) and place it on the ground (l3). Place the corn on the hot stove to pop it, which releases a Tube outside where Josef answers. Select the pipe in Josef’s inventory, then click on the window (k2) to pass it on to berta.

    Have Berta stand on the pot while it’s on the floor, then use the pipe on the frozen unit above (l4). With the lid dislodged, repeat the action with the pipe and you will be able to take the frozen filament from inside. Put the pot back on the stove, add the filament to it and Beta will get a black hose. Connect the hose to the sink (l5) and Berta will take it outside so Josef can fill the elevator with oil. Pull the elevator cable (k3) and you will see that it is now fully operational.

    To make the elevator go up again, it is necessary solve a puzzle on the controls (k4). Select them for a close-up and move the switches until the red and black ones have changed places. If you get stuck, simply click the middle button to reset. Or follow this solution:

    1. From bottom left to top center
    2. From bottom right to center left
    3. Above from left to middle right
    4. From top right to bottom in the middle
    5. Top center bottom right
    6. From center left to top right
    7. From center right to bottom left
    8. Bottom center to top left

    At this point, you should have the black ones on the left and the red ones on the right. Repeat exactly the same eight movements. to complete the puzzle. Once this is done, a lever should appear at the bottom of the puzzle. Click the up arrow to ascend to the top of the elevator.

    To continue with my full solution of the game, click on the Machinarium walkthrough, Part 3 here on MyFullGames.


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