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    Some games transcend time much more easily than others and Machinarium is certainly one of them. Despite being over a decade old, I’m not surprised that the charming characters and incredible works of art continue to see it and find new audiences. So if you’re experiencing its charms for the first time, read on for my full Machinarium walkthrough.

    Machinarium: complete tutorial

    This is the first part of my complete tour. If you’re specifically looking for something that happens later in the game, follow these links:

    • Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 2: This guide covers from right after you escape from jail until you find Berta after using the elevator.
    • Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 3: This guide covers how to get through the fan on the roof before the greenhouse, all the way to beating the arcade machines.
    • Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 4: This is the final part of the walkthrough, which runs from the moment you leave the game room to the end of the story.

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    As a general rule, talk to all the robots you find. Everyone will want something and then help you, so these tips will always come in handy. Also pay attention to any cutscenes that occur when you reach a new screen, as they often give you clues about what to expect or how to proceed. Finally I suggest you save when you get to each new scene. I found that several of the puzzles can be bugged if you try to reset them, meaning you have to reload an old game to continue. This is very frustrating if you have to retread old land.

    the scrapping

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    As the tutorial text indicates, click bathtub to remove it and reveal your robot’s body. Click on his body twice and he will bounce to the ground next to your head. Click on the head and it will stick to your body. Now we are in business.

    Click on the mouse-like robot that slinks (a1) and will show you that he wants the toy mouse to be on top of you (a2). Click on your head to extend your neck up, click on the toy mouse to pick it up, then select it in your inventory (at the top of the screen) and give it to the robot mouse. In exchange, he will give you your legs.

    Walk to the right and take the Magnet (a3) and the Rope (a4). Combine them in your inventory, walk to the right, extend your head up and select the top of the pole (a5). This should bend the pole across the length of the pool. Now you can use the magnet and rope on the end of the pole, fishing your arm and completing this area. Exit the screen to your right.

    The drawbridge

    Image from MyFullGames

    Extend your head up and pull the cable (b1) to ask them to lower the drawbridge. You will not be allowed to enter. Take a Pussy (b2) and then keep clicking on the cones, knocking them over until you find some Blue paint. Add the blue paint to the White paint (b3), then dip the cone into it to make it blue.

    Walk up to the lamppost (b4) and click on it to go up. When you can no longer upload, click Bottom step of the ladder (b5) to take it, then use it in your inventory to add it to the hole above you on the ladder. Do this a second time and then continue climbing until you reach the top rung. Now you can extend your body and stretch, taking the Lightbulb (b6).

    Add the bulb to the cone in your inventory and then use it from the inventory yourself to wear it like a hat. Now you can talk to the guard once more and this time he will allow you to cross the drawbridge. Be careful with that oil stain…

    The railway tunnel

    Image from MyFullGames

    Walk to the left, pick up the Hook (c1) and attach it to the top of the handrail (c2). Walk to the bottom of the stairs and click on the bottom of the railing (c3) to see that you now have a way to pull the lever at the top of the stairs from below.

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    Walk to the right until you reach the side of the stilt tower, shrink and then click on the panel under the tower on the wall (c4). Set the controls to A2, then go up the stairs and spread out. Now you can jump and grab the pipe above. Move to the right and collect the yellow lever (c5). Place the yellow lever on the rail (c6), then pull the other lever using the handrail (c3). This knocks over a mine cart which will crash. Select the cart to remove the wheels, place it on the track, stand on the wheels, and then activate the railing switch once more (c3) to be pushed through the tunnel.

    The oven

    Image from MyFullGames

    Click on the sign (d1) for instructions on how to access the platform above. Cross and take the Key (d2), then press the red button (d3) to open the panel (d4). Walk over and select the panel (d4) for a close-up and set the three sliders as follows: left down, half upand just below.

    The next part requires good timing. Press the red button on the panel in the foreground (d4), then return to normal size and walk towards the empty mine cart. Click on it to enter before the captor reaches you. As you rise into the air, click on top of the ledge (d5) to the left (you should see an arrow as you rise). They will place you on the platform (d5).

    Use the key on the panel (d6) and click on it to open it. Replace the top two sets of cables then they leave black, red, blackand red, leaving the bottom ones as they are (red, black, red, black). Click the panel again to close it, then click the mine cart to return to ground level.

    Cross over and press the red button again. You will see some other cables are damaged (d7). Click on them to see a close-up and Tie them both from red to black.. Press the red button again and get on the mine cart again, but this time look for an arrow pointing to the pipe on the right (d8). Do it right and you’ll get out. If not, try again.

    the jail cell

    Image from MyFullGames

    Take the Grass from the tube (e1) and also take a little Toilet paper (e2). Talk to the other robot to see if he wants a cigarette. Stand in front of the light (e3) and use it to dry the grass. You now combine the two items in your inventory to make a cigarette and give it to the other robot. He will thank you by giving you his arm.

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    Walk to the left of the cell, shrink, and then use your arm on yourself to extend it. Reach your hand into the hole (e4), through the next cell and into the top hole on the other side (e5). Grab the leg of the safe that is there and keep moving it until Broom (e6) falls. Pick it up. Also, click the Tap a few times (e7) until it falls to the ground and pick it up too. Attach the faucet to the broom in your inventory, then use this new device to open the manhole cover (e8). Go down, then head right and exit the screen.

    the prison guard

    Image from MyFullGames

    Open the manhole cover to find yourself under a guard’s table. reach and grab the chair leg (f1), dropping the guard. While he is on the ground, he grabs the Shooting of the container (f2). The guard will get up and go to retrieve the target’s other shot (f3). While there, take the Key of his belt. Then he hits the ground shot (f4) and gets out of the hole. If you can’t do it all at once, don’t worry. You can simply pull the chair leg and have the guard fall back down, then place the shot and climb up while he again recovers the shot from the target.

    Use the key on the locks (f5) to make them green, then you will climb back into the hole. The other prisoners will escape and the guard will chase them. Exit the hole again once it has disappeared and walk left to the shot in the floor to be transported directly to the cells. Now you can enter and leave the cells freely.

    Jail cells, part 2

    Image from MyFullGames

    Return to the room the others escaped from and go through the door at the top of the stairs (f6). Go up the stairs and look through the Telescope (g1) for a short scene. Now click on the switch next to the door (g2) and write down the time on the clock (g3) which is illuminated (4.45). Go back to the cells, go to the middle cell and spread out to get the Plunger (e9).

    Go back out and go to the door on the right, click on the panel (see image below) and use the green buttons to enter the code (4-45), then the red button to open the door. Go to the cell on the left side. Click on the safe (e6) to start a puzzle.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You can’t fail, but it can be quite annoying. You need the red dots in pairs outsidewith the six greens in a pyramid in the middle. Unfortunately, if you are having difficulty completing this puzzle, I cannot give you a step-by-step solution because the starting position is random. If you can maneuver the red dots so that they are next to each other, one in each of the three circles, then you are done.

    Once completed, you will get a harpoon gun from the safe. Use it in your inventory with the plunger to create the perfect wall climbing item. Now you can return to the room with the telescope and exit through the door at the top (g4) to get out of jail.

    To continue with this complete game solution here on MyFullGames, head over to my Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 2.


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