Live-action Invincible movie gets some interesting fan castings


    Accusations of superhero fatigue are everywhere right now, but that isn’t stopping Disney, Warner Bros., or the rest. A run of box office disappointments like The Flash and critical pannings like Secret Invasion haven’t done the DC Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe any good, so could someone else usurp them?

    Away from the established universes we already know, the likes of Amazon’s The Boys have offered something different – even making a mark on the Call of Duty universe. Also, from Amazon, there’s Robert Kirkman’s Invincible series that’s based on his comic book of the same name.

    Invincible fan castings have some great choices

    Invincible received critical and commercial acclaim when it hit Amazon back in 2021, and with a second season confirmed before the finale aired, we’ve since had Invincible: Atom Eve prequel and promises of a live-action movie. Although critics remain unconvinced, the internet has exploded with fan castings.  

    When Screen Rant gave an update on the Invincible movie and confirmed it’s still in the works, it threw the doors open to fan-casting all the movers and shakers. Obviously, the big one is casting Omni-Man. Effectively Invincible’s answer to Superman and Homelander, J.K. Simmons brilliantly voices him in the animated series.

    Following his villainous turn as August Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, there were plenty of calls for Henry Cavill to take the role – and not just for his ability to grow a moustache. Someone wrote, “Would be a crime to not hire Henry Cavill as Omni-Man for the live-action movie.”

    Others said the only choice was Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, while another championed The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Another concluded, “Who tf doesn’t wanna see J.K Simmons as a live-action Omni-Man? Btw that’s the only way a live-action movie should be considered, is if he’s playing that role.”

    What’s going on with the live-action Invincible movie?

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    A live-action Invincible movie was first announced in 2017, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg working on a screenplay and promises it’ll be separate from the animated adaptation. At Comic-Con 2023, Kirkman admitted the ongoing Hollywood strikes were delaying things. 

    Kirkman says Universal is still committed to a live-action Invincible, and while there’s no real timeline, at least we’re being kept in the loop. With things grinding to a halt in terms of development on Invincible, we imagine it’ll be a while before we hear about any casting. After all, it could still all fall apart. 

    In January 2023, Kirkman told, “We’re riding that excitement and trying to push things forward as quickly as possible.” Sadly, with six years (and counting) since a live-action Invincible was announced, we’re no closer to seeing Cavill or anyone else step into the boots of Omni-Man.


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