Next Marvel crossover teased for Fortnite


    The king of collabs is set to swing Thor’s mighty hammer once again, as another Marvel x Fortnite collaboration has been teased through in-game files. Literal in-game files…

    Fortnite’s relationship with the Marvel universe has gone from strength to strength over the years, placing superheroes amongst the normal folk to save the day and win battle royale games.

    But if you thought that the Marvel crossovers of Chapter 2 Season 3 had been a thing of the past, then you don’t know too much about the gravitas that Stark Industries pulls…

    Fortnite teases another Marvel crossover

    Fortnite’s Marvel collaborations have been few and far between in Chapter 4, with only Miles Morales coming in Season 2 and the lesser-spotted Sam Wilson joining the Hulk in Season 1 – which does look reasonably populated. Still, definitely a slower and less significant chain of characters added into the game.

    Now, Chapter 4 Season 4 could see the band get back together in an Endgame-like fashion, as Stark Industries files have been found left out on a desk near Creaky Compound.

    The teaser comes in the wake of the next MCU film, The Marvels, which features Captain, Ms Marvel, Photon, and Nick Fury. All of these could be among the characters added to Fortnite.

    Could the Stark Industries POI be returning to Fortnite?

    Click to enlarge

    Many fans of Fortnite have begun speculating on whether this is a mere placeholder error or an actual accidental leak/teaser. 

    One more fanciful theory is that Creaky Compand could warp into Stark Industries once again, not necessarily making a huge wave in Fortnite like the Thanos event, but still sprinkling some power across the map.

    Others noticed that this isn’t the first time that some assets have been re-used, as the IO used to sport the Avengers shield, which turned out to be an error rather than a teaser.

    Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 will kick off on August 25, which is a good two months before The Marvels releases. Maybe if a Stark Industries POI is coming back, it might not be immediate, and could be a full season down the line.


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