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    It occurred to me that EA Sports FC 24 has elements taken from role-playing games. You will have the opportunity to customize players and add advantages to them. Enter PlayStyles, which are special abilities that will make your athlete dominate the match. Here you have the complete list of FC 24 PlayStyles so you can choose the best ones.

    List of all EA FC 24 playstyles

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    There are 34 playstyles/playstyles+ in FC 24, separated into six categories: scoring, passing, defense, ball control, physicality and goalkeeping. In the PlayStyle descriptions below, you will find updated explanations of PlayStyle+ in parentheses.

    PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ score in FC 24

    • Chip shooting – Perform chip shots faster and with greater (exceptional) accuracy.
    • Dead ball – Set pieces are delivered with greater (exceptional) speed, curve and precision. The ball trajectory preview line is slightly longer (at its maximum length).
    • Energy shot – Perform power punches (much) faster and with (significantly) greater speed.
    • Energy Header – Make headings with greater (maximum) power and precision.
    • Delicate shot – Make fine shots (significantly) faster with additional curve (maximum) and improved accuracy (exceptional).

    Pass PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ in FC 24

    • incisive pass – Direct passes are somewhat or much more precise, turning passes are made with a greater or maximum curve, and precision passes travel a little faster (at maximum speed) to the destination.
    • Ping – Passes travel (much) faster on the ground without affecting the receiver’s catching difficulty.
    • Long ball pass – Lob and fly passes are (even) more accurate, travel faster (than ever) and are (much) harder to intercept.
    • Tiki Taka – Execute difficult baseline passes for the first time with high (even higher) precision, using heels when appropriate in the context. Short-distance ground passes are very precise.
    • Beaten pass – All junctions are very precise, traveling faster and with more curves. (Performs boosted crossovers with exceptional power.)

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    Styles of play and styles of play+ ball control in FC 24

    • First touch – He has (minimally) reduced error when catching the ball and is able to dribble (much) faster with greater control.
    • Tested press – Maintains (unusually) close control of the ball while dribbling at jogging speed. The player can protect the ball (much) more effectively from stronger opponents.
    • Fast – He reaches an (even) faster sprint speed while dribbling and has a (very) reduced chance of making a mistake when running or hitting.
    • Trickster – Grants the ability to perform (more) unique skill moves on terrain and with quick movements. (He is significantly more agile when dribbling.)
    • Style – Fancy passes and shots are performed with improved (even greater) precision. Perform style animations when appropriate depending on the context.
    • Technical – Reach (even) greater speed by performing a controlled Sprint and make wide turns while dribbling with more (greater) precision.

    Defend PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ in FC 24

    • Intercept – (Even better) Greater range and better chances of retaining possession when making interceptions
    • Block – Greater (even greater) range when performing blocks and improved ability to perform a successful block.
    • Bully – (Even) Greater strength when performing physical tackles.
    • horse rider – Increased Sprint Jockey top speed and improved (increased) transition speed from jockey to sprint.
    • Anticipate – (Significantly) Improved the chance of success in standing tackle and grants the ability to stop the ball directly at your feet when performing a standing tackle.
    • Slide tackle – Grants the ability to stop the ball directly at his feet when making a sliding tackle. (Greatly improved sliding tackle coverage. Also grants the ability to stop the ball directly at your feet when performing a sliding tackle.)

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    Physical Play Styles

    • Acrobatic – Perform volleys with improved accuracy (significant) and have access to acrobatic volley animations (unique).
    • aerial – He makes (even) higher jumps and has greatly improved his aerial physical presence.
    • trivel – “Exceptional accuracy when attempting passes and shots (off-foot”).#Contextually triggers “off-foot” passes and shots with reduced error.
    • Quick Step – Accelerate (significantly) faster during the Explosive Sprint.
    • Relentless – (To a large extent) Reduces fatigue loss during the game and increases fatigue recovery during halftime. Reduces the effects of long-term fatigue on attributes, reaction time and defensive awareness. Reduces fatigue loss during the game and significantly increases fatigue recovery during halftime.
    • long shot – Perform throw-ins with greater power to cover a greater distance.

    GK Play Styles

    • Long shot – General effect: The goalkeeper can target further players with thrown passes. BAG players will have much greater reach and handling as the end of the match approaches.
    • Footwork – The goalkeeper will make saves with his feet more frequently, allowing for more saves on close-range shots. BAG players will have greater reactions and speed in 1v1 situations.
    • Cross Claimer – General effect: The goalkeeper will try to intercept a cross if he can arrive slightly before the opponent. BAG players will have greater reflexes and reactions during opponent set pieces.
    • Run out – General effect: the goalkeeper is more aggressive when leaving the area to collect over-the-top balls or long passes. BAG players will have faster running speed.
    • Quick reflexes – Exclusive BAG: increased reflexes and reactions for shots inside the area.
    • Long-range – BAG players are more effective at saving shots from outside the box with (much) greater reach and jumping.
    • Quick reflexes – BAG players have (much) greater reflexes and reactions when saving shots from inside the area.

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