Modern Warfare 3 Gunsmith Aftermarket Parts Explained


    With the release of Modern Warfare 3, Activision is introducing a new feature called Aftermarket Parts to the Gunsmith, which allows players to customize their weapons in new ways. These parts can be unlocked by completing unique challenges and can be attached to a weapon to change aspects of it, such as its rate of fire, damage, and more. But that’s not all about the new Gunsmith’s Aftermarket Parts feature in Modern Warfare 3.

    How does the Gunsmith Aftermarket Parts system work in Modern Warfare 3?

    Image via Activision

    In Modern Warfare 3, Gunsmith functions similarly to Modern Warfare II, where players earn Weapon XP to unlock attachments for a specific weapon and its associated weapon platform. However, for certain weapons that reach the maximum level, players will be able to transform their design using spare parts. At launch, Modern Warfare III will feature several sets of aftermarket parts, which take the form of conversion kits.

    To access these kits, players must complete in-game challenges that will become available once the supported weapon reaches maximum level. Once the final challenge is completed, the conversion kit is unlocked, which is the final reward for finishing a weapon’s progression path.

    All Aftermarket Parts Conversion Kits in Modern Warfare 3

    For better understanding, the game developers have shown three new aftermarket parts conversion kits that can be used in Modern Warfare 3.

    Pulemyot LMG

    Image via Activision

    Unlock challenge at maximum level: Get 25 kills while hip-firing or using Tac-Stance.

    This conversion kit transforms this belt-fed machine gun with the Bullpup Conversion Kit, which greatly increases the weapon’s mobility and handling, rate of fire, and recoil from the hip and when in Tac-Stance.

    You can also add some spare parts in the form of recoil pads for greater accuracy, as well as the spare Bullpup barrel to improve bullet velocity and damage range.

    Renetti pistol with fully automatic carbine

    Image via Activision

    Unlock challenge at maximum level: Get 30 kills with five accessories equipped.

    This conversion kit transforms the Burst Renetti into a fully automatic pistol reminiscent of an SMG using 3D printed parts. After using the kit, the weapon increases bullet velocity, range, and rate of fire at the cost of some mobility and recoil control.

    The conversion also supports the tactical stance, which is not available on the base model. You can also combine it with a larger magazine to minimize reloads and add a barrel to further expand your damage range.

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    WSP Swarm with Akimbo reinforcement actions

    Image via Activision

    Unlock challenge at maximum level: Unlocks via weekly challenge in the preseason.

    This kit supports the weapon’s frame, allowing operators to place a WSP Swarm in each hand for an aggressive Akimbo stance. As a result, you can sacrifice some damage range and mobility to blast your opponents with a hail of fire.

    You can also combine the Akimbo conversion kit with a laser that improves hip fire accuracy or for aggressive stealth play. Finally, you can equip a suppressor with hollow point ammunition to stagger enemies without giving up your position while using this conversion kit.

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    Other Gunsmith Upgrades in MW3

    • In Modern Warfare 3, new weapon attachments will no longer require players to use a specific weapon after being unlocked for another. For example, let’s say the Assault Stock accessory is available for both the AMR9 SMG and the Riveter Shotgun, and the AMR9 has already progressed to level 8 or higher. In that case, the cylinder head will be available on the riveter immediately and vice versa.
    • 1x optical accessories will no longer reduce your carrier’s ADS speed.

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