Lies of P vs Lords of the Fallen – Which is better?


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    Since Lords of the Fallen is another soul-type game, it is easily compared to other soul-type titles like Elden Ring and another newer experience in the genre, Lies of P. Fans of this type of game have a lot to say when regard. which game they found more fun or simply played better. While it may be up to our personal preferences to decide which is better, we can still look at the similarities, differences, and overall gameplay to help us place one on top.

    Lies of P vs Lords of the Fallen – Similarities and differences

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    Lords of the Fallen can very easily be considered a souls-type game because it is so attached to the Dark Souls formula. It is a dark fantasy game set in a medieval-style world and its features can be quickly related to the classic Dark Souls, more easily than to Lies of P. However, the game also presents some truly unique features. that make it stand out more, such as entering two different realms, Axiom and Umbral, using your flashlight. It also grants players more grace when it comes to doom, allowing them a second chance when dying in the Umbral realm. Unlike Lies of P, you can also team up with other players in online multiplayer co-op, which definitely comes in handy for boss fights.

    Unfortunately, Lords of the Fallen has quite a few mechanical bugs to iron out after its release, and because of that, it doesn’t play as well as players had hoped. Dodges, hitboxes, and combat in general can feel a little strange, which can make combat less fun. There are also occasional fighting mechanics that players don’t seem to like as much either, such as ranged enemies shooting at you from the other side of the map or overly simple bosses. While some players enjoyed the intriguing map and concept of Lords of the Fallen over Lies of P, some preferred Lies of P just for its ease of play and difficulty.

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    Lies of P, on the other hand, featured a unique spin on the classic souls game, where players take on the role of Pinocchio in yet another period of the Victorian era. The time difference alone makes this game feel and play different from others, with interesting enemies, weapon stances, and a Steampunk-style environment. Players preferred Lies of P’s more challenging gameplay, which required you to always be on the offensive, and found fewer obstacles in terms of gameplay, less stuttering, and more satisfying combat.

    Although players seem to have fewer complaints about Lies of P, there are occasional comments stating that the experience can get boring rather quickly. Some enemies will feel repetitive, the environment doesn’t leave enough room to explore, and the puppet story is too embarrassing. Players also felt that Lies of P was too short a game, while Lords of the Fallen offers a lot of time to work with.

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    With pros and cons on both sides, figuring out which game is better will really come down to personal preference. Depending on which styles you are most drawn to, you may prefer one over the other. Additionally, the experience you have had playing without encountering bugs or glitches also plays an important role. You can check out our players’ comments and join the discussion by checking out the post on reddit. Which do you think is better?

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