How to join private servers on Roblox Xbox


    Private servers can be very tempting for Roblox players; They won’t have to deal with PvP (unless it’s something like Peroxide’s private arenas), everything they loot is for themselves, and they can easily level up in no time. The process can be a little confusing if done on Xbox, but it is still possible. Playing Roblox on console is becoming increasingly popular, so here’s how you can enjoy a private server from your Xbox.

    How to access a private Roblox server from Xbox

    Entering a private server on Roblox from Xbox is quite easy. All you have to do is find the friend on Xbox and join their experience. Here’s how to do this:

    • Load Roblox on Xbox
    • Open the Friends tab
    • Find a friend with a private server running
    • click “Join the experience”

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    How to start a private Roblox server on Xbox

    If your friends don’t have a private server loaded yet, you can still start your own private server; It just takes a couple of extra steps. To do this, you will need another device that is compatible with Roblox, probably a laptop or phone.

    Creating a private server on an Xbox is really impossible, but you can create a new alternative account on a phone or PC and then use it to log into your Xbox account. Here we explain how to do it:

    • Open Roblox on your phone or PC
    • Create new account with alternative name
    • Go to the page for a specific Roblox game
    • Select “Create private server”
    • Go to configure
    • Make sure “Friends Allowed” is on
    • Start the game
    • Go to your Xbox and add the alternate as your friend.
    • Find the alternative in your friends list and click Join Experience.

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