Leaked GTA 6 footage shows off thrilling police chase


    If there’s one thing that keeps the Grand Theft Auto community alive, it’s the leaks. As Rockstar Games drip-feeds us information and locks itself in a bunker of development, it’s over to the various leakers and insiders to keep things fresh. That’s if you can believe them.

    Rockstar officially confirmed GTA 6 last year, but it was only after a major data breach spoiled the surprise ahead of time. Although the announcement tweet became the biggest entertainment tweet of all time, the team hasn’t given us anything since. Thankfully, there’s plenty of footage to pore through.Β Β 

    GTA 6 leak shows off police chases

    Over 90 videos of GTA footage leaked in 2022, and although it was reportedly from an early build of the automotive adventure, it’s given us our best look at what’s to come. Over on Twitter, @RockstarGTAVl has been resharing specific clips. Among the most interesting, we see a thrilling police chase.

    With one of the playable protagonists riding in the back of a truck and brandishing a gun, we see the police chasing them through the streets. There’s not much to go on in terms of locale, although we’re hearing GTA 6 will give us a modernised version of the beloved Vice City.

    The account has been slowly trickling the various videos, with another impressive one showing off a nightclub scene. It shows the player character surrounded by NPCs, and as it shows them interacting with each other, it suggests AI will be more intelligent than ever in GTA 6.

    GTA 6 could overhaul the police

    The mere inclusion of the police in GTA 6 is a sticky issue in a post-George Floyd world and in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s no secret that GTA police have been typically heavy-handed, and in other corners, some gamers have even come up with a mod that removed them from Fallout.

    While the police are due to be a major presence in GTA, other leaks have claimed they’ll be completely overhauled. We previously covered how the Wanted system will be tweaked, with police reacting to different crimes at different times, depending on their location and severity.

    It’s important to note that while Rockstar has hinted the data breach was the real deal, it’s also suggested this footage is from an early build, meaning it doesn’t represent the finished product. As we continue to comb through the footage, we’re left waiting to see if GTA 6 hits that rumoured 2024 release window.


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